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Status: 07/19/2022 9:00 p.m

Today and tomorrow it is extremely hot in the whole north – it can get warm locally up to 40 degrees Celsius. Sick people in particular, but also older people and small children are at risk. The risk of forest fires is also increasing.

After the temperatures were well above the 30 degree mark in many places in the north today, it will be even hotter tomorrow. In Lower Saxony the highest temperature was measured on Tuesday at 39.1 in Barsinghausen-Hohenbostel on the outskirts of the Hanover region. This is also a new record for the state. The previous high of 38.4 degrees Celsius was from July 25, 2019. In Groß Berßen in Emsland, 38.7 degrees were displayed. Most recently, the highest value in the community was 36.3 on August 18, 2012. Values ​​between 30 degrees on Borkum and almost 40 degrees Celsius in Hambühren are expected on Wednesday.

In Schleswig-Holstein the peak value of 35 degrees Celsius was measured in Geesthacht on Tuesday. In the area around Mölln, around 40 degrees Celsius should be reached on Wednesday. Otherwise the values ​​​​are between 29 degrees on the island of Föhr and 37 degrees Celsius in Neumünster.

In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania the maximum value of 35 degrees Celsius was recorded in Boizenburg on Tuesday. According to the forecast, the highest values ​​​​on Wednesday should be between 34 degrees in Anklam and up to 39 degrees Celsius in Schwerin, in some places possibly even higher.

In Hamburg 35 degrees Celsius were measured on Thursday – in the district of Veddel. On Wednesday, the values ​​​​could rise to 39 degrees.

A heat warning applies in large parts of northern Germany. Thunderstorms are possible on Wednesday evening, which will bring significant cooling. Showers and more thunderstorms are possible across the north on Thursday.

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Risk of forest fires is very high in many places

The risk of forest fires is currently high to very high in many northern German regions. Open fires and smoldering cigarettes can easily start fires in the garden or forest. The city of Hanover therefore prohibits barbecuing and open fires in parks. The fire brigades in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are expecting an increasing number of operations due to the drought and heat. Among other things, one assumes more vegetation fires due to harvest work or careless behavior and an increasing number of heat victims, according to the state fire brigade association.

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Drink and stay in the shade

Due to the heat, the heat load on the body is very high. “Sunburn, headaches and sunstroke from too much direct sunlight are the greatest dangers,” said Jan-Arne Lauffs, head of the central emergency room at the university emergency center in Rostock in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The authorities and fire brigade in Hamburg warned of heat stress. “Drink enough, avoid direct sun and physically strenuous activities, keep your home cool,” recommended the health authority. Especially children, older people and people with support needs cannot accurately assess the risk and are therefore prone to problems. Older people, especially people living alone, are particularly at risk in high temperatures. The Schwerin Minister of Health Stefanie Drese (SPD) therefore appealed to people to look out for each other.

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Heat waves as a result of global warming

According to the meteorologist Andreas Friedrich, heat waves like this week in Germany are a result of global warming. “Since the famous ‘century summer’ of 2003, we haven’t experienced 40 degrees every year, but more and more often,” said the DWD’s tornado officer to the newspapers of the Funke media group. Due to the global warming that has already occurred, such heat waves with temperatures over 30 degrees are more intense and have become more frequent.” This clear connection can be read from the data,” said Friedrich.

Deutsche Bahn offers a special goodwill arrangement

Deutsche Bahn has announced a special goodwill arrangement. All passengers who would like to forgo their journey on Tuesday or Wednesday could use their already booked long-distance ticket flexibly up to and including July 27, a railway spokeswoman said. This rule also applies to train-related tickets, i.e. saver and super saver prices. Seat reservations can also be canceled free of charge.

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