Hot dog weighing almost 1kg and 14 ingredients goes viral on social networks and attracts customers in Osasco, ‘hot dog capital’ | Sao Paulo

Hot dog stands are scattered throughout the urban centers, and it is easy to find one very close to home. But there are those who cross 90 km just to take a long line on the sidewalk of Avenida Maria Campos, in downtown Osasco, in Greater São Paulo, and try the 1 kg hot dog.

After going viral on social networks, Geovana’s cart started to receive customers from different regions of the state, who go there just to taste the hot dog made with 14 ingredients well distributed in 21 centimeters. A normal-sized hot dog is between 12 cm and 15 cm.

The video featuring “Dogão da Geovana” has over 9 million views on TikTok.

“This is Osasco’s dogão, Turbo can’t even handle it”, says Sueli Barroso Soares, 43, owner of the Geovana stall.

Dogão 1 kg rocks the block in Osasco

Dog Turbo is made with:

  • lard bread
  • three sausages
  • vinaigrette salad
  • Cabbage salad
  • Corn
  • Potato sticks
  • Mashed potatoes to “tow” the dogão
  • Mayonnaise
  • Cream cheese
  • cheddar
  • Ketchup
  • Mustard
  • Grated cheese
  • Bacon

Details of Dog Turbo, the hot dog known as the biggest in Osasco — Photo: Arte/g1

A day, during the week, they sell between 300 and 400 hot dogs; on weekends, the average is around 800. According to the owner, the most sold is the Dog Turbo, the snack on the 21 cm plate, followed by the 19 cm baguette.

Sandwich prices range from R$12, the simplest, to R$21, the Dog Turbo.

Geovana’s Dog Menu. — Photo: Fábio Tito/ g1

The Dog Turbo was the idea of ​​a lady who worked alongside Sueli. “In the beginning we just made the simple hot dog. About 10 years ago, a lady who worked with me had assembled a dog for a homeless person, but it ended up falling on the floor, so she had the idea to mount it on the plate. We kept following the idea, but unfortunately, it passed away and I continued with Dog Turbo, but I kept improving.”

Hot dog on the plate weighs almost 1kg. — Photo: Mariana Pinhoni/ g1

The tent was set up in May 2002 and remains at the same spot to this day.

After many years of operation, Sueli attributes the recent success to social networks. “After 20 years, success has arrived, a lot of people have been saying they saw it on TikTok, on Instagram. Many people from the interior of São Paulo… There was a dawn when a family from Sorocaba arrived, just to taste the dogão”, account.

“Until midnight, many families end up coming. Now, during the night, most of the visitors are the people who come from the ‘night out’. In the early hours of Friday and Saturday we can’t stop to rest because of the number of people”, he says. Genesis Rodrigues de Lima, Sueli’s husband.

Chef Everton de Melo Camargo and his wife Aline Galdino Serra live in Campo Limpo, in the South Zone of the capital, about 31 km from Osasco, and they also got to know the dogão through social media.

“We’ve been planning to come for a long time, we always see videos on social networks and today the opportunity arose and we’re here. We really like street food, especially hot dogs, so we needed to try this one”, says Everton.

Aline opted for the simple hot dog, the smallest snack in the house. And Everton chose his on the 19 cm baguette.

THE g1 went to the place to try the famous hot dog and was only able to finish the dish for 3 people.

Aline opted for the simple hot dog, the smallest snack in the house. — Photo: Fábio Tito/ g1

Biomedical Amanda Tiseu also stopped at the stall for the first time to taste Geovana’s dogão this week. “Osasco has the reputation that hot dogs are good and well served, my husband and I heard somewhere about Geovana’s dogão, today we decided to stop here to taste it.”

Amanda opted for the hot dog on the 19 cm baguette. — Photo: Fábio Tito/ g1

Geovana who is not Geovana

Despite answering for the name Geovana, the owner of the cart is, in fact, Sueli. She says that she nicknamed the place as Dog da Geovana in honor of her daughter.

Sueli and her husband came from Mato Grosso to São Paulo in January 2002, with their young daughter, Geovana.

“We are from Mato Grosso, we came in January 2002, we were having a lot of difficulty there and we came to venture here in São Paulo with the face and the courage. First my husband came, he got us a little house, and then I came with Geovana, at the time she was 8 months old. In May 2002, with the help of my sister-in-law, I got this spot to set up a hot dog stand and, as I had no one to leave my daughter with, she ended up coming with me” , he said.

“She practically grew up in the tent, she stayed in the baby carriage while I worked and, as the tent didn’t have a name, I decided to put Geovana Baby Dog in her honor. When she grew up, she asked to change only to Geovana and it continues to this day It’s just that all customers think Geovana is me, but I don’t care, I took it as a nickname”, completes Sueli.

Osasco: hot dog city

The city of Osasco is popularly known as the “hot dog capital”. According to the city hall, the nickname came about in 2011, during the first edition of a hot dog festival.

The city has about 197 carts licensed by the city hall, distributed between the central region and the neighborhoods.

In the central area, each cart sells, on average, 25 to 60 snacks a day, a number that can change over the weekend. In the neighborhoods, street vendors sell up to 35 snacks a day. According to the prefecture, the numbers increase during holidays or festival dates.

Sueli has owned the tent for 20 years. — Photo: Fábio Tito/ g1

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