How much does it cost to eat at A Casa do Porco Bar restaurant in SP

On Monday (18), A Casa do Porco Bar accomplished a feat that only another Brazilian restaurant, Alex Atala’s DOM, had achieved. It rose ten positions compared to last year and finished seventh on the list “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants”, which annually publishes the ranking of the best establishments in the world.

The unprecedented position gave the establishment located on a corner of the Republic (Rua Araújo, 124), in the center of São Paulo, the title of the most prestigious address in Brazil and the second most sought after in South America (the first is the Peruvian Central, vice – award winner).

Opened in 2015 by the couple Jefferson and Janaína Rueda, the restaurant extols rustic cuisine through the animal that gives the venture its name: the pig.

The creation of races sorocabapiau, canasta, caruncho and pereira, all Creole, is accompanied by the duo, in a work that begins on the farm in the interior and reaches the table in the capital.

The idea spread globally by the term farm-to-table was reinforced in the pandemic, when Jefferson and Janaína turned their efforts to the land and the organic plantation at Sítio Rueda, in São José do Rio Pardo, the chef’s hometown.

In addition to the exceptional care taken with the ingredient, which allows for audacity such as serving raw pork, A Casa do Porco’s good value for money was highlighted at the ceremony in London. To make the praise palpable and speak of numbers, Our Details the restaurant’s menu below.

Two experiences, two prices

Porco San Zé: the classic from A Casa do Porco Bar

Image: Mauro Holanda/Disclosure

The parish chooses between two menus. the traditional à la carte has snacks and dishes.

The first group is famous for the pancetta crackling with guava paste and red onion pickles (R$ 49, 6 units) and the pork jowl sushi with tucupi black and nori seaweed (R$ 43, 4 units). .

Double chin sushi, from A Casa do Porco: animal is fully used - Disclosure - Disclosure

Double chin sushi, from A Casa do Porco: animal is fully used

Image: Disclosure

There is also a selection of handmade sausages and cured meats, such as bologna and pork lard, garnished with rustic bread prepared there, pickles, mustard with tucupi and caramelized onion compote plus bacon. Each one costs R$ 49.

After the starters to eat with your hands, it’s time for San Zé (R$84 for one). Roasted whole at low temperature for six to eight hours on a special grill that is in full view of the customers, it goes to the table cut into squares and accompanies dishes that change according to what can be harvested at the family’s farm.

The individual main course suggestions are completed by porcoletta (breaded pork chop with salad, R$96), the pasta of the day (R$69) and the pork head, which requires reservation. Vegetarian recipes must be consulted immediately with the waiter.

Those who want a sweetie need to pay another R$ 45. It’s the price of the chocolate mousse with yerba mate cake, strawberry and mint ice cream and the Romeo and Juliet-style order, with cheeses and guava paste from small producers.

A Casa do Porco Bar - Mauro Holanda/Disclosure - Mauro Holanda/Disclosure

A list of recipes is served on the menu at R$ 220 per person

Image: Mauro Holanda/Disclosure

If you like to taste a little of each specialty, you will realize that it might be worth paying R$ 220 per person and trying the tasting menu.

It is a collection of classic recipes from the house plus other exclusives in a smaller size in a sequence of five steps.

The dishes currently offered were designed by Janaína together with a team of cooks and can be paired with alcoholic beverages of her own production and drinks full of Brazilian flavor for an extra R$140.

A Casa do Porco Bar - Mauro Holanda/Disclosure - Mauro Holanda/Disclosure

The canapés on the tree trunk

Image: Mauro Holanda/Disclosure

The experience starts with the sausages and moves on to five canapés. In a tree trunk structure are sushi, pork rinds and three exclusive menu items: steak tartare on sweet potato tempura, knee terrine, liver and morcilla and mil-feuilles of breaded codeguin (sausage).

Then there’s cassava with bacon and tucupi ice cream and lardo with vegetables in pork foot broth. It is still necessary to save space for the same san zé as for à la carte and for the combination of sweets, which include cocada and cornbread, for example. Coffee is included.

reservations and waiting

A Casa do Porco Bar - Rogério Gomes/Disclosure - Rogério Gomes/Disclosure

Casa do Porco Bar is located on a busy corner of República

Image: Rogério Gomes/Disclosure

To sit comfortably at the popular tables in the industrial-style lounge or outside, it is wise to plan ahead. The best option is to make a reservation through the website (unavailable at the moment) and arrive on time straight to your car seat.

The other is to take your time and face the wait. In that case, it pays to be strategic. This means going early, even before the operation starts, or at an alternate time. Some Tuesday in the middle of the afternoon, who knows…

On weekends, the queue is usually long and certain. It goes to the point of taking the doubt of lost customers with the location. Did you see a corner with a crowd of people? So you got it right — it’s right there.

A Casa do Porco Bar - Rogério Gomes/Disclosure - Rogério Gomes/Disclosure

Jefferson, Janaína and the team of cooks at A Casa do Porco

Image: Rogério Gomes/Disclosure

The good thing is that while you wait, you can have fun watching the butcher shop in a kind of shop window on Rua General Jardim, have a snack on the sidewalk and walk through the nearby streets until your turn comes.

The property is open from 12:00 to 0:00 every day. Only Sunday closes earlier, at 17:00.

Rueda food

Hot Pork - Playback/Instagram - Playback/Instagram

hot pork

Image: Playback/Instagram

Centro Sorveteria - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

downtown ice cream shop

Image: Playback/Instagram

With an eye to promoting downtown São Paulo and serving quality food at affordable prices, Jefferson and Janaína opened two establishments dedicated to street food, 300 meters away from A Casa do Porco.

O hot pork (Rua Bento Freitas, 454) offers hot dogs made entirely from scratch. The pork sausage goes on potato bread with pickled cucumber and red onion, apple ketchup and lemon mayonnaise, mustard and parsley. It costs R$31 alone or R$49 in the combo with chips and soft drink.

At downtown ice cream shop (Rua Epitácio Pessoa, 94), the attraction is the soft-style ice cream taken from the Italian machine. Placed in colorful cones and enhanced with a series of complements, the candy (from R$13) looks good for the internet.