How startups in Latin America can take advantage of omnichannel strategies to generate more revenue

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The business industry has been one of the first to bet on the era of digitization, with 63% of purchases being made online, even if the buyer goes to the store. In turn, in 2022 an increasingly customer-oriented and screen-oriented market has emerged.


Even though Latin America is on track to overtake Europe’s largest economies in terms of GDP, startups that have implemented an omnichannel strategy were reportedly 3 times more likely to have a significant growth in annual income.

The omnichannel system has been established as a fundamental part of the digital strategy of companies. It consists of an optimization of the customer journey that allows companies to offer personalized shopping experiences through different channels simultaneously.

However, small businesses often lack the resources to cover this entire implementation, operating with an average of four people. The good news is that omnichannel solutions combine all digital and physical customer touchpoints on a single platform, including online, mobile, point-of-sale, and social networks.

This helps companies integrate consumer journey data in one central location. Understanding more precisely what the customer expects of them, omnichannel services provide a tool optimization that allows companies to offer personalized shopping experiences and, therefore, satisfied customer experiences.

When it comes to communication between companies and their customers, today’s tools play a fundamental role, which is why this concept continues to gain strength as more companies join the wave of digital transformation that is driving the Latin American region. .

Mexico, an example of the implementation of omnichannel strategies

With Mexico ranked as the second largest economy in Latin America, the country strategically positioned itself and its economy to recover from the pandemic, with Mexico City recognized as a model growth hub both regionally and internationally.

The majority of all Mexican customers interact with businesses through their mobile devices, a trend that will continue for at least the next 5 years. In Mexico alone, there is a promising market of 75% of citizens, or 88 million people, who own a smartphone.

But even though 88 million people in Mexico have access to a phone, it can be a challenge for businesses to successfully connect with specific populations, many of whom require personalized shopping experiences.

Mitto, a Swiss company founded in 2013, specializes in omnichannel customer experience strategies. The company recently arrived in Mexico to help startups and companies improve the quality of customer experience services.

Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and millions of test devices distributed worldwide, the company can receive real-time information on the quality of the networks through which they then generate a link based on customer traffic.

Mitto’s objective is to impact around 100 small and medium-sized companies in the region, supporting their omnichannel growth strategies through the routing of messages through social networks, email and WhatsApp.

The beginning of a new era of omnichannel strategies

“Mexico is among the 5 countries with the highest growth in e-commerce in the world,” said Sean Whitley, vice president of sales. “At Mitto, we adapt to the specific needs of each client and we do so through a set of customizable programs, giving them the ability to eliminate silos in client communications.”

Unlike countries like Brazil, Colombia, and Chile, people in Mexico tend to avoid using credit cards to make purchases online. However, due to the pandemic, 86% of Mexicans had to access digital payment services, which provides the opportunity that online digital payment methods will continue to rise.

By providing the tools that give brands the ability to create, implement and manage marketing campaigns in single systems, Mitto is helping Mexican startups earn revenue and usher in a new era of omnichannel communications.

(About the author: Stiven Caratgena is editor of the site GeekTime in Spanish).


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