how to keep your pet warm in winter

In winter, just like us, animals also feel temperature changes and need extra care and attention. We must pay attention to its signs so as not to run the risk of letting the pet go cold and even get sick.

But attention: it is always important to take the pet to the vet if you notice something different in its behavior. For example, did you know that the fact that he is shivering may not mean cold, but something much more serious?

There are some characteristics such as amount of fur, whether it is long or short, size and weight of the animal that make some breeds suffer more than others during this period. But, despite its particularities, there are some precautions that we must take in relation to everyone, such as:

  • Take them for a walk during the hottest and sunny hours;
  • Make sure the bed is in a suitable place where there are no drafts;
  • Decrease the frequency of baths and avoid shaving and trimming the hair, as the animal’s coat is its main source of heat.

Currently, we already find several options on the market to keep the pet warm and comfortable on the coldest days, but it is also important to consider what it best adapts to.

Some animals don’t adapt to clothes and, in that case, you can choose to use blankets or blankets. There are those who don’t like to walk and you can use thermal pads, for example.

We’ve made a list of products that will help you keep your pet warmer on cold days. Check out:

Pet blanket – Alklin Pet

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Price: BRL 14.35*

The fiber blanket retains heat longer, keeping your pet warm. It can be an extra resource when used together with the bed. You can also use it in other places that your puppy or kitten likes to be, such as sofas or armchairs in the house.

Hooded wool vest – Gooby

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Price: BRL 51.60*

Made with 100% polyester, a thermal insulating material, the vest helps keep the pet warm and prevents moisture from the rain. It has a sealing ring as an option to attach the collar guide. It can be put in the washing machine. Model recommended for small dogs.

Thermal pad – Furhaven

thermal pad to warm pets cold winter furhaven - Disclosure - Disclosure
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Price: BRL 176.84*

Designed with self-heating technology, the thermal pad has a layer of insulating fiber and mylar that reflects the animal’s body heat. It does not need electricity. Padded faux leather surface for comfort. Lightweight, portable and dishwasher safe.

Bed and den (2 in 1) for pets – Fábrica Pet

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Price: BRL 196.02*

On cold days, padded beds are a good choice. This model with foam filling and silicon fiber cushion has two variants: it can be used open and, in winter, it can be closed like a hut to retain more heat. Its dimensions are 43 cm x 34 cm x 15 cm (length x width x height).

Soft sweatshirt – Pickorruchos

soft pets sweatshirt cold winter dog cat outfit pickorruchos - Disclosure - Disclosure
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Price: from BRL 30.88* (size 2) to BRL 102.05* (size 7)

Hoodies are practical pieces for both us and pets. Produced in lightweight soft, this piece has an elasticated neck adjustment to better adapt to your pet. It does not have zippers or buttons that can cause discomfort to the animal. Available in different sizes, colors and prints.

Cloud bed – Pet Factory

warm fluffy cloud bed cold winter manufactures pet - Press Release - Press Release
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Price: BRL 152.91*

This cloud bed has removable polyester filling that makes washing it much easier. Its composition is 100% polyester and its plush coating provides more comfort to your pet, according to the manufacturer. Suitable for small and medium breeds.

Blanket – Furhaven

bed blanket warm pets dog cat furhaven cold winter - Disclosure - Disclosure
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Price: from BRL 131.06* (small size) to BRL 199.38* (medium size)

This blanket for dogs and cats has a fluffy side with a waterproof inner lining and a thick, thermal insulating sherpa side. It is easy to clean and can be machine washed on a gentle cycle. Small model has dimensions (length x width x thickness) of 76.2 cm x 50.8 cm x 1.3 cm, while the medium one has 101.6 cm x 76.2 cm x 1.3 cm.

Moisturizer for paws – Pet Clean

moisturizer for dry paws cold winter pet clean cat dog - Disclosure - Disclosure
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Price: BRL 25.59*

Moisturizers help restore and prevent cracking and dryness that are common during the coldest time of year. The product promises to provide softness in pet cushions. Attention to the recommendations for use, such as not using in puppies under 2 months of age.

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*Prices and listing were checked July 14, 2022 to update this story. It may be that they vary over time.

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