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Marisa Moreno Ivanova, the granddaughter of renowned comedian Mario Moreno, better known as “Cantinflas”, is in the eye of the hurricane, after her own mother, Sandra Bernat, accused her of kidnapping after locking her up in a rehabilitation farm for more than a year. year, and against his will.

As if it were part of a true soap opera story, the daughter-in-law of the actor who died 29 years ago, and remembered as an icon of Mexican television, revealed all the actions that her daughter did to appropriate her assets.

Determined to act, the woman told her version of the events in an interview for the “Ventaneando” program, in which she made a chronology of her days living a confinement against her will.

This was the confinement of the daughter-in-law of “Cantinflas” in the hands of her daughter

Sandra Bernat, the daughter-in-law of “Cantinflas” – second wife of the comedian’s only son – revealed in an interview for the program “Ventaneando” all the mistreatment she suffered at the hands of her daughter.

Marisa Moreno is the daughter of Mario Moreno Ivanova, adoptive son of the comedian (who died of a heart attack in 2017) and is being told by her mother to lock her up in a rehabilitation clinic in the state of Hidalgo, where she was not allowed to leave. for more than a year, published MSN Latino.

The portal of the aforementioned medium detailed the incredible story that he told step by step. “They knocked on the door with several knocks and I saw through the little hole, and it was Marisa. I open it and some people get in, subdue me and put me in a truck and take me to Hidalgo. I was there for a year, three months, ”she said, mentioning how his worst nightmare began.

She explained that she was first confined to a mental health and rehabilitation center, but her stay there was short-lived, as she was later sent to an annex where she was mistreated. “There were blows, they bathed us with cold water, it was terrible.”

According to Bernat, the origin of the entire dispute began as revenge after letting Marisa know that she changed her will to benefit her other son, Gabriel, who has health problems after undergoing heart surgery. He also explained that he suffers from a kind of “emotional retardation”.

“She went mad with fury,” he said, explaining everything he did when he found out that he would not have all of his mother’s assets.

Sandra and Mario Moreno Ivanova had three children: Mario Patricio (who committed suicide in 2013) and the twins Marisa and Gabriel Moreno Bernat.

“There came a time when I said I want to die, because there were orders from Marisa that no one could pass,” he mentioned.

He also made her responsible for the loss of her money, product of the sale of her luxurious apartment that she wanted to inherit, but that Sandra decided to sell due to the high amounts that she had to invest in its maintenance.

He specified that he only left a lower cost apartment, as part of his real estate. On the granddaughter of “Cantinflas” falls another point, such as the sale of her mother’s car and her clothes. With that money she was paying the monthly payments of the place where she was admitted.

The woman’s odyssey culminates when Marisa runs out of resources and stops paying for the rehabilitation center.

The granddaughter of “Cantinflas” could go to jail

Advancing the interview, Bernat reported that in adolescence Marisa was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, for which she was admitted to a rehabilitation clinic at the age of 14. And because of what she lived there, the young woman revealed to her that they tried to rape her, it is for this reason that she thinks that everything is revenge.

“She didn’t care about anything (Marisa), she didn’t ask me anything at all, the only thing she told me was, ‘Well, they tried to rape me when I was in the psychiatric hospital,'” she said, remembering her daughter’s words when she reproached her what happened.

Despite all the mistreatment exposed in her confession, Sandra Bernat assured that she will not proceed legally against her daughter, saying that it was the recommendation of her lawyer, but she will not do it.

“A lawyer told me that I could sue her for kidnapping, because after three months they could have released me. They even told me at the center that I could hospitalize her too, but hospitalizing Marisa right now that she is pregnant is very bad for me, ”she said, revealing that her daughter is waiting to be a mother.

For this reason, he reiterated his decision to leave the case as it is. “I told the lawyer, right now I can’t accuse her of kidnapping, because I can’t retract her and she would go to jail,” she finally mentioned. (AND)

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