“I do it for love”, says woman who shelters 75 dogs and cats at home

Anderson Gallo / Diário Corumbaense

Helper, surrounded by dogs, says that love for animals started since she was a child

What makes a person raise 75 animals between dogs and cats inside their own home? Love of neighbor and empathy. This is the answer given by Auxiliadora Luzia da Silva, 58, who lives in the Almirante Tamandaré neighborhood in Ladário.

In a house with five rooms, she shares the space with the dogs and cats. For her, what matters is that the animals are very comfortable and feel at ease. “For many it may seem strange, but for me, it is love, because they are lives. They have feeling. They suffer like any of us,” she stressed.

The love for animals started when I was a child and lived on a farm. Since then, he has always taken care of them. “I raised chicken, parakeet, deer, dog. There was a rooster that was eating out of my hand. I always paid attention to all of them, with a lot of affection and love.”, he recalled.

However, for a few years, Auxiliadora has had a more differentiated look, or rather, a more “explosive” love for animals, especially dogs and cats.

“Since 2011 I started to see many abandoned animals on the streets and this caught my attention, in fact I was outraged. It was then that I started rescuing them, bringing them home. He arrived with them, took care of them, bathed them, if necessary, medicated them too”, explained Auxiliadora.

Since then, she hasn’t stopped and her house has been taken over by animals. Today, there are 45 dogs of the most different breeds and sizes and around 30 cats. About the attitude, which many condemn, she simply sums it up in one word: love.

“Love your neighbor without distinction, right? I can’t see an animal suffering. I lose sleep while I don’t help him. They are living beings too, they suffer like all of us, but we have the mouth to scream, ask for help, they don’t, they depend on us. It is unacceptable that someone can still mistreat any living being”, said Auxiliadora.

During the entire interview, which took place under a tree, on the sidewalk of Auxiliadora’s house, some dogs that were loose with her inside the property, surrounded her, seeming to protect her. Asked about this attitude, she just replied: “I take care, I give love, affection, I talk, in short, we live and they do the same thing. That’s the great reward I have. Of them always being here by my side, keeping each other company.”

In addition to the dogs and cats that live free with her inside the house, there are others that are in a land, fenced, that is next to the residence. Some stay together, others separate. Some have health problems and some don’t. “I love them. I feel like I have this duty to them,” she added.


Auxiliadora’s attitude caught the attention of residents of Corumbá and Ladário. With no help from the government, she has the support of volunteers who saw her as the way to ensure that animals are treated with respect.

“Given the amount of animals I have, the expenses are not small. Sometimes I can’t sleep thinking that the food and medicine are running out. I ask for help on the internet, on social media and I count on the volunteers”, said Auxiliadora.

In all, there are about 400 kg of feed monthly. The Vulnerable Animal Support Group (GAAV) was created to support expenses, which amount to around R$3,000 per month.

“Apart from the medicines, products for their hygiene. As I said, I don’t have any restrictions here, if you need a home, I’ll always be with open doors”, he concluded, showing all his feelings for the animals that are there.

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