“I hope he gets well and that he pays for what he did!” says the mother of a young woman who killed and ate dogs in SC

The case of the young serial killer of dogs from Campos Novos, in the Midwest, had repercussions throughout the country, especially due to the cruelty of the crimes and the fact that he even consumed the meat of some murdered animals. In an interview with the portal Vale dos Pets, the 19-year-old’s mother said that she was in shock when she discovered that her son could be killing animals.

On the day he was arrested, on Monday (28/03), his mother found an organ (apparently a heart) inside a glass in his room. While taking the glass to the police station, the boy arrived home dragging a dog by a rope.

When caught by an aunt, he fled the scene, but was later arrested. It was the aunt herself who called the police for the act and filmed the moment he dragged the dog.

The mother also says that the suspect was diagnosed with schizophrenia and asked for his hospitalization in early March. In the face of all the commotion that the case generated, the suspect’s family reported that they are being threatened by social media.

The boy, according to the Vale dos Pets portal, remains imprisoned in the Advanced Prison Unit of Campos Novos. The case began to be investigated when volunteers from the group ANA – Ajuda Nosso Animais, began to notice that the city’s stray dogs began to disappear.

Suspicion that the young man was involved in the disappearances gained strength when one of the volunteers saw him taking a community dog ​​named Mousse. The puppy was never seen again.

Read the interview with the suspect’s mother below:

When was your child diagnosed with schizophrenia?

Mother: Since February 2021 he started to present some strange behaviors, talking to himself, saying that there were people bothering his head. Then we tried to talk, he didn’t want to go to the doctor, until one day he freaked out talking nonsense. I managed to take him to the doctor… then it was a process, all through the SUS, until I managed to get to the psychiatrist. In the first consultation he was already diagnosed with schizophrenia… he thinks the thud… always resisting the treatment.

But has he ever been aggressive or has he shown that he could commit such cruelty?

Mother: There were ups and downs. But no aggression. Just a few arguments because we didn’t understand what was going on in his head.

When did you start to suspect that he might be killing animals?

Mother: One day, now in early March, I overheard a conversation about someone picking up stray dogs in the square. From the description I realized it was my son. I tried to find out the real story, here comes the bomb, I discovered his suspicion of killing animals.

He was asked but did not confirm. Until then, there was no evidence… that’s when I filed an internment process on March 3rd. But, all for the State… days of waiting, in anguish, because the psychiatrist told me: “he can kill you without even knowing it”.

Then I decided not to sleep in the house anymore, out of fear. But part of my family members live on the same land and took care of him.

How did you find out?

Mother: He was taking medication again, he was super calm, he didn’t even leave the house. Until on Sunday I went to clean his room and found a bottle with something inside. I looked at the glass, there was blood, it looked like an organ, the smell was horrible.

I spoke to one person and was instructed to speak to the police. I arrived at the police station, talked to the person in charge and he told me that it was a heart, and that he would take it to the forensics to know if it was from an animal or a human. I was in shock!

I went straight to the prosecution to expedite the admission, but to no avail.

As soon as I arrived from the prosecution, there were several calls and messages reporting what was happening in the house. I was terrified! I was on my way when I was called to say he had been arrested.

It was definitely one of the worst days I’ve ever spent.

But today my suffering is not being able to believe in everything he did. It’s also seeing people’s comments on social media. They call me a hatchet. There are times that feel like a nightmare, that I won’t wake up anymore.

But at the same time, do you understand the cruelty he committed?

Mother: We would never have imagined such barbarism. At the same time I’m in shock, I’m calm, because I know that where he is is safe. As much for him as for everyone. Soon it could be a person.

What do you expect to happen to him?

Mother: I hope he gets well and pays for what he did. Nothing justifies. I gave his life into God’s hands.

With information from Portal Vale dos Pets

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