Inauguration of Casa dos Livros gives motto to prize for studies on poets from Porto

The Casa dos Livros, where the Eugénio de Andrade collection will be depositedwas officially opened this Friday and will be open to the public from the beginning of next week. A novelty was in store for the official event: the mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira, showed himself available to articulate, with the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto (FLUP), the creation of an annual prize that potentiates and promotes the publication of works that study the poets of Invicta.

At the end of an intervention made under the theme of relations between the city and the university, Rui Moreira launched the challenge: “Allow me one more small incentive to continue the University within the City: my office is available to articulate with FLUP the launch of an annual prize that encourages and promotes the publication of works that study the poets of the city of Porto.”

“Today we celebrate the merger of the City with the University. The clairvoyance of placing the Burmester House, now renamed Casa dos Livros, in this beautiful mansion, the bibliographic collection and personal manuscripts of Eugénio de Andrade represents a symbolic return of the poet to the city, thus guaranteeing the safeguarding of a very rich estate, whose cultural relevance reflects the life and work of an unavoidable figure in our literature”, underlined the mayor of Porto.

“There are more than 17 thousand books; 1,400 manuscripts, typewritten, typewritten with notes and drawings; 7,400 letters, telegrams, postcards and photographs”, he enumerated, adding that “everything will be classified, indexed by FLUP, which is precisely one of the most reputable institutions with regard to the intersection of these two areas of knowledge represented here: Literature and Science of Information.”

Eugénio de Andrade will have the company, at Casa dos Livros, of other illustrious authors of the Portuguese language. “This estate will stand alongside the magical work of another major poet. Also in this house we will celebrate what Vasco Graça Moura left us. A vast literary legacy, marked by inspiration and dedication to the Portuguese language, in a persistent search for national identity, always with that rare political thought that characterized him”, highlighted Rui Moreira.

The significance of the presence of the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, at the inauguration was noted by the mayor: “It is always a great honor to welcome you to Porto, but it is even more proud to have you as a witness to this initiative to promote our collective memory, because here, in Porto, we have not forgotten poetry, we have not forgotten Portugal.”

“I congratulate the Porto City Council for the vision of the relationship between the city and the university”, praised Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, expressing his recognition for the step taken. “The House of Books could be called the House of People. Vasco Graça Moura was a cosmopolitan, we only have to take his translations for example to understand this. He had a wide range of readings and references that defined him as a great intellectual. He devoted a good part of his professional life to the study of Portuguese literature and culture,” he recalled.

Open on Monday for visits, investigation, or leisure consultation

The doors of Casa dos Livros will open to the public next Monday, April 4, “for visits, research work, or mere leisure consultation”, explained Fernanda Ribeiro, director of FLUP – the entity that oversees the space that will dedicate themselves to the preservation, treatment, enhancement and availability of the literary collections deposited there.

“Today’s inauguration is a remarkable event both for the University of Porto and its Faculty of Arts, and for the culture of this city and our country”, underlined the rector of the University of Porto, António de Sousa Pereira. “Casa dos Livros hopes to host other important collections of Portuguese literature, in particular from authors connected to the city. One of these authors is Eugénio de Andrade, whose estate, deposited in the Municipal Library, will be transferred to Casa dos Livros, as a deposit. I would therefore like to thank the Porto Chamber, in the person of its president, Rui Moreira, for providing the Eugénio de Andrade collection and also for the funding it gave to Casa dos Livros”, he said.

“We welcome the decision of the Porto City Council to hand over to Casa dos Livros the collection of the poet Eugénio de Andrade”, reiterated Fernanda Ribeiro, expressing FLUP’s gratitude for the trust placed. “The idea of ​​creating this cultural center was born associated with the collection of Vasco Graça Moura, and the taste that his children had in preserving it, not dispersing it, that is, maintaining its integrity”, he added, stressing the vocation of the Casa dos Livros to house complete collections, which go beyond the literary works of the respective authors.

The opening ceremony of Casa dos Livros was attended by her daughter Teresa Graça Moura, representing the family, as well as the Secretary of State for Higher Education, Pedro Teixeira, the President of the Municipal Assembly, Sebastião Feyo de Azevedo, the President of Porto Metropolitan Area, Eduardo Vítor Rodrigues, and the president of the General Council of the University of Porto, Fernando Freire de Sousa.

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