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What is the time of the soap opera “Unfaithful”? The successful Turkish production continues to surprise its thousands of fans with each of its chapters. That is why on Sunday, April 3, episode 31 will be released, which, at the same time, is the last of the first season. There you can see how Derin drives her car too fast with Asya, but loses control and they fall off a large cliff..

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Originally premiered as “Unfaithful“, The soap opera”Unfaithful” features the leading roles of Cansu You, Caner Cindoruk and melis sezen. In fiction they will be involved in a love triangle whose story will generate thousands of emotions among the audience.

In the soap operaUnfaithful” tells the story of the marriage of Asia and Volcano which will be ruined after a woman (Derin) gets in their lives, damaging the relationship of several years. There It will be the one who suffers the consequences of the separation of their parents.

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The telenovela “Infiel” has become a hit in Spain (Photo: Medyapım / MF Yapım)

Fans of this telenovela in Spain can watch each of the chapters through the signal of Antenna 3 and every Sunday it manages to place this Ottoman production as one of the most viewed in that territory.

It should be noted that in the previous chapter Deep wanted to spoil the birthday of Therebut Asia unmasked her in front of the whole world, assuring that the young woman retains Volcano with a lie about her nonexistent pregnancy.

Asya, Volkan and Ali in a scene from the soap opera "Unfaithful" (Photo: Medyapim)
Asya, Volkan and Ali in a scene from the soap opera “Unfaithful” (Photo: Medyapim)


The first season of the soap opera “Unfaithful” comes to an end and its last chapter will bring great surprises that no fan can miss. It is because of that Antenna 3 unveiled the schedule of the Turkish drama.

  • The schedule of “Unfaithful” on Sunday, April 3 is from 10:10 p.m. (local time) to 12:00 p.m. (local time).
On stage the characters Volkan, Asya and Derin (Photo: Medyapim)
On stage the characters Volkan, Asya and Derin (Photo: Medyapim)


Asia will try to reconsider Deep who ignores and drives her to a distant place but during the journey loses control of the car and they go straight to a cliff. All this happens before the eyes of Volcano who arrives too late to avoid a tragedy. Learn here everything that will happen in chapter 31.

Derin in the mouth of the people

things to Deep they don’t turn out as planned and instead of making Asia everyone found out he was trying to hold on to Volcano with a lie The doctor tells those present that the young woman hid an abortion. This situation leaves Derin speechless, she only looks sadly at Volcano.

Gönul decides to get his daughter out of the place and they quietly leave. “You are happy? Now you’re on everyone’s lipsGonul says.

Melis Sezen plays Derin in the telenovela "Unfaithful" (Photo: screenshot/Antenna 3)
Melis Sezen plays Derin in the telenovela “Infiel” (Photo: screenshot/Antena 3)

Volkan doesn’t want to ruin his son’s party.

For its part, Volcano She doesn’t want her son’s party to end badly and chooses to stay to continue enjoying this important date. Then the architect calls aside Asia and asks him how he found out about the news Deep.

That doesn’t matter, the good thing is that you already know the truth”, says the doctor.

But the doctor will also get a surprise when asya gunalan decides to give him the watch that belonged to his father. “I think it’s time for Ali to have it. At the end of the day it is his inheritance and also yours. I know he would be very proud of you two”, The woman tells him before leaving.

Asya makes Derin reconsider

ready for anything, Asia goes in search of Deep and asks him to accompany her to a place. Both get into the car and reach a cliff which is extremely dangerous. In that place, the doctor tells the young woman that when she was a child, her mother drove to that place causing the death of her father only out of jealousy of her.

“My mother’s way of loving only brought pain to my family, especially to me. Don’t do the same to Zeynep”, Asya looks for Derin to reconsider.

On stage, Derin, Volkan and Asya at Ali's party (Photo: screenshot/Antena 3)
On stage, Derin, Volkan and Asya at Ali’s party (Photo: screenshot/Antena 3)

Derin and Asya’s car is speeding

But Deep he also has a surprise for Asia. Therefore, he asks her to be the one to accompany her now.

During the trip, which by the way is at high speed, Deep tells the doctor that they are going to Sapancathe city where he began his romance with Volcano.

But Volcano Call to Asia discovering that Deep is taking her away. “It’s going too fast. If we continue like this, we’re going to crash”, says Asya concerned, but the young woman forces her to end the call.

Derin drives her car at high speed (Photo: screenshot/Antena 3)
Derin drives her car at high speed (Photo: screenshot/Antena 3)

Asya and Derin die?

Volcano he wastes no time and gets into his car in search of Asia. In the scene you see a flashback of everything that happened when they met Deep and the architect. Returning to Derin’s car, the doctor tries to take control of the vehicle but she struggles with Deep and go to a cliff.

Despite the efforts to avoid colliding, everything goes out of control and Volcano arrives at the place seeing how the car falls into the sea without being able to do anything to prevent it.

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Cansu Dere plays Asya in the soap opera "Unfaithful" (Photo: screenshot/Antena 3)
Cansu Dere plays Asya in the telenovela “Infiel” (Photo: screenshot/Antena 3)

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