Integral health helps in the search for balance of body and mind

Márcio Merçoni is part of the group of people who believe in comprehensive health. Credit: Disclosure Márcio Merçoni

When was the last time you were able to balance the health of body and mind? The psychologist and entrepreneur Márcio Merçoni, 36, has always sought a balance between these two pillars in life. Passionate about the mobility of the body as well as the mind, he has been playing sports since he was young. And while training in Psychology, he learned the importance of recognizing emotions and how to deal with them.

“About five years ago I chose meditation as an incredible path to mental hygiene. It provides the regulation of my emotions, taught me the control of thoughts and, above all, gave me more mental clarity. I developed a lot of mental agility and reasoning” , account.

Márcio is part of the group of people who believe in comprehensive health, an idea that includes both physical and psychological health, the latter being often left out or considered less important. For him, without a balanced mind, it is not possible to have a healthy body.

“It is important to take care of the body, mind and emotions, because the balance between these three spheres is what provides the feeling of well-being. It is essential to be attentive to habits and take care of the routine, since we have less and less time for rest and self-care. This ends up harming important parts of our health”, says the psychologist, who in addition to yoga and meditation, practices other outdoor activities as self-care tools.

Márcio Merçoni

businessman and psychologist

“I like to swim in the sea and run on the sand. These moments allow me to integrate my mind and body and make my day go better”

Márcio Merçoni
Márcio Merçoni chose the practice of yoga and meditation as self-care tools. Credit: Disclosure Márcio Merçoni


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being and not just the absence of disease. With the pandemic, the importance of these factors being in balance became even more evident.

Therefore, reaching fullness requires a series of attitudes that involve taking care of sleep, body mobility, emotional hygiene and also food.

“A healthy diet has a fundamental role in the prevention and treatment of diseases. The balance in the diet is one of the reasons that allows man to have more quality of life and longevity”, highlights nutritionist Catiene Chieppe.

Catiene Chieppe
Catiene Chieppe says that there is a direct relationship between nutrition and overall health. Credit: Reproduction @CatieneChieppe

According to Chieppe, the foods we consume daily can impact our brain, cognition and emotional state. “Real food meals have the right mix of vitamins, minerals and healthy phytochemicals that can help improve our brain functions, energy levels, memory, and control emotions.”

Catiene Chieppe


“A balanced menu helps the immune system, improves sleep quality, prevents premature aging, adjusts the digestive system and still provides mood and energy for daily activities”

The concept of integral health places body and mind in a unique field of care. So, to be physically healthy, you also need to be well psychologically. In the assessment of digestive system surgeon Gibran Sassine, this concept should be reinforced in the post-pandemic period, as the health crisis has brought several damages to people’s health.

“We must expand the areas of care, not just restricting medical care, but covering occupational health, the work environment, family, home and interpersonal and social relationships. And, of course, adopting healthy habits, such as good nutrition and practice of physical exercises”, he says.

Sassine recalls that the practice of physical activities and the consumption of certain types of food stimulate the release of chemicals such as adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine, which regulate mood. “When released in the brain, they give a feeling of well-being and happiness”, she points out.

Gibran Sassine
Gibran Sassine says that the concept of integral health emphasizes that the body and mind must be treated as a single field of care. Credit: Gibran Sassine

Gibran Sassine

digestive system surgeon

“The medical check-up helps to prevent and identify different types of diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol. And, through specific exams, it is possible to make an early diagnosis of serious pathologies”


For psychologist Camilla Viana, the pandemic allowed several debates on the importance of integral health. There was an awareness that “being healthy is not just being free from disease, but having a support network and looking at the emotional issue”.

According to the professional, it is necessary to take a closer look at our emotions. When ignored, they reflect on the body and can turn into physical symptoms and cause disease.

“Mental alterations such as depression, anxiety and anger, for example, can result in gastric problems, skin and intestinal diseases. Recognizing and treating these problems in a global way is the way to prevent diseases and promote health”, says the psychologist.

Camilla Viana
Camilla Viana explains that emotional health is directly linked to physical health. Credit: Disclosure Camilla Viana

“When emotions and sensations impair healthy functioning, and there are thoughts that impede the individual’s well-being, it is necessary to seek help”

A rapid breathing or heart rate can indicate the onset of anxiety or reveal a moment of euphoria. Therefore, it is necessary to stimulate self-perception to develop greater emotional intelligence, learning to recognize emotions and know how to deal with them.

“The inverse way is also important, that is, by recognizing an emotion, I can modify a mental and emotional state, and this will be reflected in the organism as a whole”, analyzes Márcio Merçoni.


  • Sleep well: there is no health without restorative sleep. Sleep is a modulator of important neurotransmitters for our brain. Without adequate sleep, we impair our memory, attention, our mood becomes more irritable, and it can trigger stress-related behaviors and feelings.
  • Do a contemplative activity: It is very important to let the brain rest from the excess of information and activities that we are involved in routine. Rest should be for the mind too. So don’t occupy your rest with information only, like ‘marathon’ series. Take the opportunity to enjoy nature, practice a hobby, or an activity that doesn’t stimulate your mind so much. That’s the time your brain needs to restore its functions and assimilate everyday issues.
  • Healthy eating: it is important to feed. This contributes to the maintenance of integral health and prevents the development of problems related to overweight, such as diabetes and cholesterol.
  • Take care of emotional health: Emotional health is directly linked to physical, therefore, emotions when ignored, reflect in the body turning into physical symptoms.
  • Be kind to your body: you may enjoy high-impact or wear-and-tear sports, but still, be kind to your body. It is necessary to understand what he is “asking for” and often ends up being ignored. Rest is important. Stretching is key. The more you bring flexibility and mobility to your body, the more flexibility and mobility you bring to your life. The body is not made to be still, so give it the movement it needs. Start slow, explore your limits and capabilities.

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