Interjections in the “ZDF television garden”: viewer demands “Layla” – Andrea Kiewel answers promptly

Updated on 07/19/2022 10:58 am

As always, Andrea Kiewel welcomes her guests to the “ZDF TV Garden” on Sunday afternoon. So far, so normal, just a little hint of what will happen in two weeks. But first of all, the summer party is announced – or what Andrea Kiewel understands by it.

What an excitement. The headlines about the Malle song “Layla” and its sexist lines have not stopped for days. All over the country, more and more celebrities and non-celebrities are getting in touch to voice their opinions, and even the Federal Minister of Justice has now gotten involved. And the record company uses the opportunity for an online petition so that people can continue bawling the lines from the prettier, younger and hornier puff mom.

Yes, you can have a worse sense of marketing, officially the petition is of course about the fight against censorship. You can even see medieval conditions coming up and feel like a victim of discrimination and that brings us to the “ZDF TV Garden”. Because here, too, the news made the rounds that the song should be rewritten for the performance there.

Andrea Kiewel announces in the “ZDF TV Garden”: “‘Layla’ only in two weeks”

So the “Fernsehgarten” is also involved in a sexism and censorship debate and apparently you can hardly wait for DJ Robin & Schürze to appear there. Because when presenter Andrea Kiewel plays a game with her audience on Sunday, where you have to guess summer hits, one of the viewers bursts out at the first bars of “La Camisa Negra”: “Layla!” But Kiewel immediately takes the pressure off the boiler: “‘Layla’ only in two weeks.”

In fact, DJ Robin & Schürze’s performance is only planned for July 31st, so everyone involved has two weeks to think about how they want to deal with the situation. Apart from the scheduling, Kiewel has planned differently for this Sunday anyway. Because every edition of the “TV garden”, the presenter explains, is subject to a motto and this time this motto is “summer party”. And herekievel has very precise ideas about what belongs to a summer party – and above all, what doesn’t.

Andrea Kiewel’s summer party

For example, part of a summer party is trying to say the word summer party as often as possible. Kiewel manages this with ease and uses the popular show trick of saying certain words so often that they become reality in the viewer’s mind. It is also one of the tasks of a moderator to spread out the blanket for the viewer to sit on.

Of course, a summer party, and no one would disagree with Kievel, also includes music – but not just any music. In any case, it must be as easily consumable as possible, preferably in 4/4 stomping and clapping along, and even better with Spanish text. And so it happens: Marquess, Loona, Sofía Martín, Juan Daniél – there is plenty of opportunity for the audience to sing along to a few chunks of fiesta, playa and vamos.

“ZDF Fernsehgarten”: What belongs to a summer party – and what doesn’t

Who likes it more local, for the animated buddy with the not to be killed “Off to the South” the clapping muscles. Speaking of local: Of course, a summer party at the “ZDF TV Garden” also includes food, or to be more precise, the barbecue. Here they have organized a barbecue competition between two amateur teams who, under the wing of TV chef Ralf Zacherl, well … barbecue.

Instead, Andrea Kiewel uses the opportunity for a never-ending discussion with her guests and herself as to why barbecuing is more a male thing. There is no answer to the question, but there is an answer to the question of what does not belong to a summer party for Andrea Kiewel, and Zacherl’s colleague Armin Roßmeier feels that. His crime: He wants to introduce the Korean specialty kimchi to the audience.

These are fermented vegetables and Roßmeier enthusiastically explains how they are made. However, Kiewel doesn’t share Roßmeier’s enthusiasm and so she begins to tease at first because the fermentation takes a little time. Then it gets personal: “You used to be the currywurst type with me, now you start with this kimchi,” says Kiewel about Roßmeißer’s new preferences. Then it’s the turn of the dish itself: “It looks like a great misfortune,” says Kiewel, laughing at the finished kimchi vegetables. “Should I tell you something: Nobody can do that,” Kiewel lets her TV chef come up at the end.

“TV Garden”: “The Island of Happiness”?

Of course, you don’t have to share Roßmeier’s taste, but Kievel’s dislike is surprising. On the one hand, because she could have made the viewer want to try something new, like she did a few minutes earlier when she introduced nitrogen ice cream. On the other hand, because showing someone isn’t really part of Kievel’s idea of ​​a “television garden” atmosphere.

The “TV Garden,” says Kiewel on Sunday, is “the island of bliss.” It’s all about happiness and good news. So it’s amazing that she leaves her “island of happiness” just because a TV chef serves kimchi on her show and not currywurst. Note: summer party is Spain, not Korea. And with this very narrow definition of a summer party, this “TV Garden” edition will eventually come to an end and it’s exciting to see which motto the song “Layla” and its sexism debate on this “island of bliss” fit into.

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Andrea Kiewel has been inviting music acts to the ZDF television garden for 20 years. Even if the performances are pleasant to the ears, it is often the presenter herself who becomes the star of the show with her looks. © ProSiebenSat.1