Is the new Game of Thrones series doomed?

In August we return to Westeros, because that’s when the new Game of Thrones series House of the Dragon starts. However, the question is whether the fantasy series can succeed at all. Because it is in the shadow of one of the biggest series ever.

My colleague Matthias Hopf and I discuss this question in the new episode of the Moviepilot podcast Streamgegefuehl. We explain when the new GOT offshoot plays, what to think of the cast around Emma D’Arcy and Matt Smith and ask ourselveswhat House of the Dragon definitely needs to learn from Game of Thrones (and what not).

Listen to the new episode of House of the Dragon stream frenzy:

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House of the Dragon is set hundreds of years before the events of Game of Thrones, when the dragon-riding Targaryens ruled Westeros. This is exactly what makes the series attractive, because the Targs have largely disappeared from the parent series.

This results in new perspectives in the spin-off, but also problems. Then The shadow of the controversially received 8th season of Game of Thrones is long. Will he do more harm to House of the Dragon, or does the new series come in handy that it can win back pissed off GOT fans? We speculate on these and other questions in the podcast. Helpful for this: A look at the other late prequels of the last few years from Star Wars to The Lord of the Rings to Harry Potter.

House of the Dragon facts at a glance:

  • The series was created by Ryan J. Condal (Colony) and George RR Martin, who also wrote A Song of Ice and Fire.
  • It is based on several of Martin’s short stories and the book Fire and Blood – Book One: The Rise and Fall of House Targaryen of Westeros
  • House of the Dragon stands at night August 22, 2022 on WOW (formerly Sky Ticket) * and available for retrieval via Sky Q. In the evening at 8.15 p.m. the prelude runs on Sky Atlantic
  • Everything you need to know about House of the Dragon: cast, plot and more

Check out the teaser trailer for House of the Dragon:

House of the Dragon – S01 Teaser Trailer 2 (English) HD


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Are you looking forward to House of the Dragon?