Isabelle Junot, medieval wedding dress and earrings €11,000

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    Isabelle Junot and Alvaro Falco They have been the protagonists of one of the most anticipated weddings of this spring. Sons of two of the most outstanding characters of the social chronicle of the 80s and 90s, Philip Junot (first husband of Caroline of Monaco) and Marta Chavarriit was impossible that their link did not arouse the maximum interest. The event, in the Extremaduran town of Plasencia, did not disappoint. Marta Ortega and Carlos Torretta, Tamara (in an ideal guest dress) and Xandra Falcó, María Chávarri and her daughter Sol, Inés Domecq, Tomás Terry, Alonso Aznar and Manuel Martos together with her sister Alejandra were some of the illustrious guests who did not They wanted to miss the date.

    A wedding in which all eyes were on the bride and the look chosen for that big day. Isabelle Junot opted for the firm Pronovias to create a dress that could not go unnoticed. The brand’s artistic director, Alessandra Rinaudo, shaped a medieval-inspired design made in the Maison’s workshop during more than two hundred hours and ninety of modeling in the creation of the pattern that remembered (and a lot) the one that Eugenia Martínez de Irujo wore for her wedding with Fran Rivera in 1998.

    isabelle junot pronovias dress sketch

    Sketch of Isabelle Junot’s dress made by Pronovias.


    Isabelle opted for a dress with a square neckline balcony and a fitted body with a sash from which a voluminous skirt with a train of two and a half meters from the waist departed. A design with French sleeves (with fantasy on the cup made of natural white silk Gazar fabric) and slightly marked shoulders (a nod to one of the trends of the season) that had many similarities with the one worn by Eugenia Martínez de Irujo in one of the most mediatic weddings of the late 90s.

    Elizabeth Junot

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    The daughter of the Duchess of Alba also chose a medieval-inspired dress, with the same square neckline that Isabelle has chosen, but in her case with a straight silhouette and long sleeves.

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    Two looks that not only bear a great resemblance because of the dress, but also because of the jewelry used. Isabelle wore a spectacular diamond and pearl tiara, from the 19th centurythat Xandra Falcó, the groom’s cousin, had already worn on her wedding day. It is a piece of French origin that belonged to the groom’s great-grandparents, one of the most precious jewels in the family jeweler and with which Isabelle has been crowned Marchioness of Cubas.

    Eugenia also chose a diamond and pearl tiara for her big day, in her case the one belonging to Empress Eugenia de Montijo. A spectacular piece that Eugenia wore again two decades later for a report by Harper’s Bazaar Spain in October 2018.

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    The Falcó family tiara was not the only jewel of great value that Isabelle Junot wore. The bride also wore white gold earcuff earrings with brilliant-cut diamonds in gradient from Rabat (10,730 euros). A very current jewel for the combination between the climbing part and the diamond cascade, valued at 11,500 euros. Rabat was also the firm chosen by the couple for their wedding rings, the Always U model in yellow gold (€300).


    Detachable earcuff earrings in white gold with diamonds.



    A timeless and elegant look that is already part of the aristocratic bridal archive and with which Isabelle shone on her big day, recalling another of the most applauded brides of high society.

    Isabelle Junot’s second wedding dress

    The new Marquesa de Cubas gave a radical twist to her bridal style with the second dress chosen for the wedding. For the subsequent celebration, Isabelle chose a two-piece suit made of various light and airy fabrics, which took more than one hundred and forty hours between making and modeling the pattern.

    It consisted of a crop top with three-quarter raglan sleeves whose seams were covered by a subtle lace between the two. The base of the bodice was made of plumetti tulle and French lace. A piece that she combined with a midi skirt, with a double lace trimmed waist and a yoke fitted to the hip, generating a natural volume in the rest of the skirt thanks to the magical combination of plumetti tulle with French lace.

    isabelle junot sketch wedding dress

    Sketch of Isabelle Junot’s second bridal look.


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