It is necessary to “omnify” hotel technology

Even though hotel technology has boosted business and opening the door to new possibilities, it also comes with some drawbacks. On the one hand, because the speed of digitization prevents all companies from being up to date at the necessary pace. On the other hand, because the great variety of applications sometimes makes it difficult to manage so many options.

Precisely to solve this inconvenience, SiteMinder has presented its new platform. It allows hotels to market their rooms and services in a simpler and more intuitive way. The tool has been designed with the aim of taking hotels into a new era of hotel business, more focused on their specific needs. His idea is to allow each hosting design your own application environment and services.

In this way, they will be able to manage everything from a single platform. In their words, they consider the launch the greatest effort made for «omnify hotel technology. Thus, they intend to help drive the business to success by obtaining good commercial results, derived from the use of simple and modern technology for hotels.

As it is made available to millions of accommodations around the world, the company hopes to be able to help certain hotels to go from being one of the least digitized and most fragmented sectors to becoming great leaders in global commerce.

hotel difficulties

“Today, many hotels are struggling to recruit talent, rising costs, and more demanding guests than ever before,” said SiteMinder’s President and CEO, Sankar Narayan. Another problem is that they look held back by paralysis in decision making“derived from the overwhelming number of existing technologies on the market.”

He considers that the friction when choosing and interconnecting services and applications is due to the fact that “many providers do not take into account that hoteliers are omnichannel consumers and they expect an experience focused on the client”, but also on “accessibility”. Especially since they typically don’t have the means to scale commerce solutions, so “business and revenue maximization take a backseat.”

The importance of being omnichannel

“We have been looking at the omnification technology in other sectors, such as retail and banking”, says the CEO of SiteMinder. He explains that companies in these sectors have contributed to “setting the expectations of hotel guests”, who go through a “24/7 responsiveness, comfort and customization«. For this reason, he assures that the industry must adapt to these requests. The way to achieve this is through access to simple and modern hotel technology.

This should be found in all hotels, regardless of their size, type or the resources they have. In this way, any of them could “put customers at the center of platforms instead of functions.” For the company, it is about turning hoteliers into “protagonists of an era that does not shy away from change, but welcomes and embraces it.”

For this reason, they say that “the launch of SiteMinder’s next-generation platform constitutes an omnification of hotel technology.” From his point of view, “it is about democratize technology by focusing on needs of hoteliers and make it universal’. Sankar Narayan also explains that “rather than bringing disparate products together, it enables the global hospitality industry to reap the benefits of entire platforms and ecosystems coming together.”

What’s new in the SiteMinder platform

What they have been looking for has been bring together the entire SiteMinder product offeringwith an ecosystem of reservation channels, property management systems, hotel applications and hotel consultants. Therefore, the new technology platform for hotels includes:

  • For him commercial areaintegrations with direct and indirect channels. With real-time information on the behavior of customers, the market and the performance of the hotel. This will allow activating balanced distribution strategies.
  • In the case of marketing areaweb solutions and demand services with integrations to hotel applications. Taken together, this helps build brand. At the same time, it increases conversions and improves the guest experience.
  • For the business managementa new user interface with more in-depth and centralized reports. Thus they provide a global vision of the commercial tools of the hotels. This way they will be able to make decisions about the solutions they need without significant friction.
  • at the time of grow the businessintegrations with the world’s top 1,500 hotel apps and experts, as well as integrated payments. These include automated payments, which allow hotels to validate and schedule guest payments in advance.

A commitment to online commerce

In short, the launch of this new generation platform seeks facilitate access for all hotels to the world of online commerce. It is a further step in the standardization of user experiences, which improves the security built into its technology. It also simplifies logins and improves the built-in help feature for users.

For this reason, José Luis Alonso, manager of the Muralto Madrid Princesa hotel, assures that “it provides more data to decide how to include or modify the information” that is offered to customers. “Instead of having to manage multiple extranets and systems, we can now do everything in one place, saving valuable time that we can spend focusing on our guests,” he says. That’s why he relied on SiteMinder’s two-way connectivity, which makes hotel technology more accessible.

Courtesy images: Chastity Cortijo on Unsplash, Kevin Angelsø on Unsplash

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