“It’s as if it were…, fourth book by cardiologist Vanessa Guimarães, presents instruments and exams for children in a fun way.

Any medical examination, with or without braces, can scare a child. Even more so if that child has never seen or heard of a CT scan or an x-ray is going to be exposed to them. A child with heart disease goes through many, many times. With the aim of humanizing, minimizing anguish and treating in a playful way the exams that the child must pass, Dr. Vanessa Guimarães launches the fourth book within her cardiohumanization series: It’s like it’s…
The book brings a new look at the cardiovascular exams requested by the doctor, for children with heart disease or not, in addition to their families, presenting each exam from a playful perspective. She transforms her characters into astronauts, athletes, magicians, detectives, showing equipment and exam procedures as tools for these characters.
It’s like it’s… repeats the partnership of Dr. Vanessa with her illustrator, Shepherd Jesse, who started with the first book, Cardiopath’s parents, when he was just 14 years old. then came I, cardiopathwhose cover comes with an “empty” face where children can draw themselves, and Recipes from the Heartwith practical and fun healthy eating tips that help you choose foods that are beneficial for your heart.
In collaboration with medical students, the book was written under the supervision of the psychologist Jussara Oliveira Zimmermann and each of the procedures or exams was in charge of one of the doctor’s “pupils”.
“It’s a book for the whole family! It was designed to generate warmth and cooperation on the part of the child in carrying out each exam, insofar as its reading provides caregivers with global learning for themselves, the ability to transmit to their child and prepare them for the exam, using the playful format. It’s like it’s… continues the mission of Dr. Vanessa in order to improve the quality of life of patients with cardiological diseases, through humanized and excellent care and assist in the recovery of children and adults with congenital heart diseases in Brazil.
In the book, the specialist in congenital heart diseases, with more than 15 years of hospital experience, Vanessa Guimarães demonstrates her passion for the humanization of medical treatment and for the positive impact it brings to her patients through Pediatric Cardiology. This connection with humanization also led her to create the project With Color Without Painin the post-surgical ICU of InCor, launched in 2017, with the support of Maurício de Sousa Produções, and also to write articles and chapters published as author or co-author and the launch of three books that are part of the series aimed at Humanization in Cardiology pediatric.
It’s like it’s… is available for sale by the publisher Clube de Autores and is scheduled to be launched on June 11, at Tapetah store – Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva 1264, from 5 pm. The date was chosen to strengthen the importance of the National Congenital Heart Disease Awareness Day, celebrated on June 12.

about the author
Born in Aracaju, Sergipe, passionate about dolls and pediatrics since childhood, the girl Vanessa has always been very studious and dedicated and knew from a very young age that her mission was to welcome and care.
Formed by large Brazilian and international institutions, it currently works in three of the largest and most important hospitals in Brazil – Hospital Sírio-Libanês, InCor-HCFMUSP and Hospital do Coração – HCor -, and four specialties – Pediatric Cardiology, caring for patients who are born with changes in the shape and function of the heart, as well as those who acquire heart disease in childhood and in the delivery of babies with heart disease to help with stability from birth; Postoperative ICU: continuous and humanized care after the surgical procedure; Heart Transplant; and Mechanical circulatory assistance; in addition to continually dedicating himself to academic functions and also to his family.
After graduation, he did a series of specializations and internships in reference hospitals in Brazil and abroad. She did the Medical Residency in Pediatrics at the Darcy Vargas Children’s Hospital, São Paulo-SP (2007); specialized in Pediatric Cardiology and Congenital Heart Diseases in Adults (2007-2009) and Surgical Intensive Care and Anesthesiology (2009-2010) at the Instituto do Coração, Hospital das Clínicas, Faculty of Medicine, University of São Paulo; in ECMO, at Stollery Children’s Hospital (2012), where he worked as an ECMO specialist, where he was enchanted by the humanization of child care; he did an internship at renowned hospitals around the world, reaffirming his choice: at the Cardiac ICU at Boston Children’s Hospital (2009), where he participated in the fellowship program in Surgical Intensive Care, he did an internship at the ICU; at Cardiac ICU – The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), affiliated with the University of Toronto-Canada (2019), internship mediated by InCor and the NGO Heart Link, also worked in the ICU.
Link to author photos and book cover: https://bit.ly/3NAkHPL

It’s Like It’s…
Author: Dr. Vanessa Guimarães
Categories: Family And General Practice, Speech, Cardiology, Medicine, Language Arts And Subjects, Parenting
Publisher: Authors Club
Number of pages: 119
Edition: 1st (2022)
Format: Square (200×200)
Finishing: Paperback without ear
Coloring: Colorful
Paper Type: Offset 90g
ISBN: 9786500463231
Printed version: BRL 91.96
Ebook version: BRL 22.49

Launching: June 11, from 5 pm
Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva 1264

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