its effects on each sign

The New Moon in the sign of Gemini the day occurs May 30, 2022 at 8:30 in Argentina; 7.30 in Chile; 13:30 in Spain; 6:30 in Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador; and 7:30 in Venezuela and Bolivia.

A cycle model starts with the conjunction between two stars and occurs when the faster planet catches up with the slower one.

From then on, all aspects later between both planets until the new conjunction will be interpreted with respect to the time of the conjunction.

New moon: the influence of Gemini

In each New Moon something is born, grows, reaches its apogee (full moon), decreases and dies. The new Moon occurs when the two Luminaries (The Moon and the Sun) are in conjunction, that is, they are in the same degree of the same Sign, at that moment the new lunar cycle.

In each new Moon something is born and the lunar cycle begins. Photo: Shutterstock

to the moon in Gemini is credited with inclining the Verbal communicationto the studiesto the small trips and commutes, activates and relaxes the mind Y enhances manual skills.

The parts of the body that Gemini rules are arms, hands and shoulders.

‚ÄčDo everything in this period of the full moon to improve and take care of these parts of the body With the exception of surgical operations, it will be doubly beneficial, on the other hand, everything that is done to its detriment will be even more harmful.

The Moon conjunct Aldebaran

The New Moon occurs in conjunction with star aldebarana star of Martian nature or influence.

Aldebaran is one of the biggest stars in the sky, one of the royal stars of Persia, the watchman of the East, the Eye of the Bull. Ptolemy calls it the largest star in the head of Taurus, reddish in color, its influence resembles Mars.

The Arabs baptized it Aldebaran. The four royal stars of Persia are very powerful (Regulus, Aldebaran, Antares, Fomalhaut) and each of them offers the possibility of achieve glory, success or happinessbut only if the difficulties can be overcome.

Indicates a gargantuan energyunusual, which makes it possible to achieve power over people, manage them, a leadership position, gain recognition, but also make enemies and the danger of violent death. Therefore, a lunation on that star implies a certain amount of violence.

Mercury, Saturn, Gemini and the New Moon

Mercury is the planet that rules the sign where the New Moon and is stationary about to go direct but in square to Saturn.

This planet is about to recover its direct motion, that is, it is a planet that is regaining its strength.

However, the square with Saturn, both in aspect to the point of the last eclipsecan continue to slow down, delay and many times prevent some matters associated with the houses to which it is determined in each Natal Chart.

In this sense, it will especially affect those who have sensitive points in the last decan of the Fixed signs: Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio.

Mercury and Saturn influence this new Moon in Gemini.  Photo: illustration Shutterstock.

Mercury and Saturn influence this new Moon in Gemini. Photo: illustration Shutterstock.

Saturnalso stationed at the 25th degree of Aquarius about to retrograde, can be shown now with more force.

Saturn’s best remedy is just hard work, and the best way to handle it is face it, roll up your sleeves and get down to business.

Patience and do not be disappointed if things do not go according to your plans, we will have to rearrange the important issues of lifebearing in mind that the reward will not be pleasure but experience, and having gained in wisdom, humility and compassion.

The transit of Saturn can be associated with burdens associated with older people since Saturn represents them. Saturn confronts us with reality and that may be his biggest problem.

Saturn is the time spent putting all things in their place. The transit of Saturn in conjunction or in tension aspect in relation to sensitive points in the Natal Chart, restrict, limit and organize everything it touches.

For that reason, it is a good time for these natives to put order, acquire responsibilities, start tasks that require disciplinelong studies and investigations.

The third decan of the Air signs -Libra, Gemini-, as well as Sagittarius and Aries to a lesser extent, will receive the energy of Saturn from a friendly angle fadvocating all those issues associated with land, technology, real estateto the countryside, to the relationship with the elderly and to everything that is the result of patient work and effort.

It’s a good time to structure, order and organize.

When Mercuryone of the planets that represent the winds changes direction, also changes their direction.

In addition, it is necessary to know that, universally, the lord of thunder and lightning is Jupiterand that of lightning and large storms is Mars and that is why, when they come together bodily, as happens in this lunation, these determinations.

direct mercury

The day 3 of June, Mercurythe planet of mind and communication, parks to set straight into the 26th degree of Taurus.

Mercury began retrograde in Gemini and re-entered Taurus in its retrograde motion. That same movement will occur with each of the retrogradations of 2022.

Mercury will change sign and element, beginning to retrograde in an Air sign, going straight into an Earth sign. This may be related to the possibility of take ideas, projects, thoughts, (associated with the signs of Air) and shape them, turn them into something realHe is solid and substantial, which is what is associated with the Earth signs.

Mercury re-enters Taurus on June 3.  Photo: Shutterstock

Mercury re-enters Taurus on June 3. Photo: Shutterstock

Now it goes directly into Taurus, an Earth sign, re-entering Gemini, its diurnal address on June 14, benefiting the Air signs from there: Geminipound and Aquarium in matters that dominate.

Mars conjunct Jupiter

The conjunction of Mars with Jupiter carries a big push and it is flattering, a mobilizing energy for those who have sensitive points in the first degrees of the Fire signs: AriesLeo and Sagittarius.

Ariesis one of the domiciles of the planet Mars, for which its expression is clear, remarkable and stimulating, although perhaps a little excessive, which can incline towards the irascibilityto behave many times in an arrogant, daring and excessively reckless manner.

Mars bestows a strong will and large doses of optimism and dynamism. Whoever is born with Mars in Aries will be vigorous, independent, dominant, courageous and aggressive. Jupiter the great benefic next to him will surely contribute to the correct choice of time to act, to undertake successfully, and to add to that initiative a quota of freedom.

Mars favors the Fire signs in this periodAries, Leo and Sagittarius-, but also to those of Air -Gemini and Aquarius- for whom it will be a time of great vitality and creative actionswhere the power of the will can be directed.

They will feel greater physical energy, happiness of livinggreater need for action and decision.

Good time to start new tasks. Although it is a favorable aspect, it is also a moment that can imply some carelessness for feeling full and energetic and tending to take financial risks or buy unnecessary things. Too much self-confidence can also be detrimental.

Mars too, can imply tensionsa impulsive behavior or one aggressive attitude with its consequent resentments especially in relation to others.

In this sense, they will have to pay special attention to the signs of PoundCapricorn, Cancer, not expose yourself to unnecessary risks, or make hasty decisions, avoid arguments and fights. If you have litigation on your hands, proceed with caution.

neptune in the sky

The natives of the end of the third decan of the mutable signs – Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius Y Virgo– or those with sensitive spots there are receiving the energy of Neptune in a probably more palpable way since the power of this planet is extremely subtle.

His influence is nebulous, mysterious, dim and it acts on the mind, we become aware of its effects when it has already taken possession of us and we find ourselves imprisoned in the meshes of its nets.

We can touch the sky with our hands, or also face anguish, fear and anxiety. This transit may arouse interest in mystical or philosophical themesfor humanitarian causes and even interest in art.

The impact of Venus

During this powerful lunation we have another planet at home and that is Venus running through the sign of Taurushis nocturnal address.

Venus, known as the “minor benefic”, represents the principle of attraction and fusionthe joy of living and feelings of sweetness and sympathy.

It is associated with relations, from the most intimate and romantic to the most superficial. Aesthetics, fashion, with pleasure, with sex. It also concerns our internal and external values, which is why we also rules material goods.

In this sign, Venus expresses its best qualities of beauty, pleasure and material enjoyment. All activities related to art, decoration, fashion, aesthetics and everything that is pleasing to the senses.

are times of attract othersexcellent moments for any emotional, social, family or artistic expression, and also very propitious for financial activitiesas well as for profits obtained through Real estate activities.

This will be so, especially for the natives of Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo, who will live very favorable moments in the affective plane.

Venus traveling through the sign of Taurus, her nocturnal address.  Photo: Shutterstock

Venus traveling through the sign of Taurus, her nocturnal address. Photo: Shutterstock

An ideal time to formalize commitments, social gatherings, romantic dates, days of rapprochement with loved ones and very pleasant encounters.

Venus will manifest through the feelingsalso through material and concrete activitiesas well as through all kinds of social or affective relationships.

However, Venus from Taurus orbits from a adverse angle to the signs of Scorpio, Leo and Aquariusso these signs may go through a period of greater love instability in which there may be a lack of understanding with affections and relatives.

There may be evidence of a tendency to mix heart problems with business and frustrations because of disharmony, so it is not advisable during this period to make important decisions in the couple, or undertake new activities in everything related to fashion, beauty, social life and affection.

By Patricia Kesselman, astrologer and professor of astrology and tarot. On Instagram: @horoskopo.