I’ve helped create art on Reddit Place, and it’s been way more impressive than the silly battle between streamers.

place redditthe social experiment that the platform started in April 2017 has once again become one of the biggest events on the internet. On April 1, 2022, five years later, the subreddit r/place re-enabled the blank canvas made up of hundreds, thousands, or millions of pixels, in order to allow users create works of art by drawing a pixel of up to 16 colors every five minutes. The mural, which has been active since the Day of the Innocents from 2022 until last April 4, it has been filled with country flags and has gone viral thanks to streamers like Ibai or El Rubius, who decided to go to their audience to invade the drawings created by the French.

The Reddit project, however, goes far beyond the event that the aforementioned content creators organized. That battle, in fact, is only a small part of what has been the Reddit Place of 2022. What has allowed the mural to reflect small works of art based on pixels, the flags and the most distinctive elements of each country and community, has been the incredible collaboration and participation of Reddit users.

In 2017 I followed place reddit in a completely different way than I have done this last time. He was not an active user of the platform, he simply accessed the portal to see how the drawings that Internet users were creating were progressing. That is, as a mere spectator.

This year, however, I have not only been digging through the different subreddits in search of memes and interesting drawings hidden in the gigantic canvas. I have also contributed my grain of sand by participating in some designs and putting pixels to clean the flags of Catalonia and Spain from users who wanted to destroy both designs. This has allowed me to learn more about the organization of the different communities with the aim of creating and defending these small works of art. And more specifically, see how the subreddit community has organized r/spain.

Discord, the main tool to organize and create ties with other communities

If there’s one thing we learned on Reddit Place 2017, it’s that no one can go it alone when it comes to creating a drawing on canvas. 5 to 20 minutes of waiting is too long for anyone else to place one pixel on top of another. Therefore, the collaboration of multiple users is needed to be able to create somethingeven a simple logo in a 5 x 5 pixel area. Also to be able to defend that creation from other users who try to find a hole to annoy or create their work of art.

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