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TO Jared Leto is standing on a stage in London. He is surrounded by walls of green screen that will later be colorful images of the Amazon forest. Behind him is a life-size helicopter and in front of him is the opening of a deep, dark cave. The tension is palpable. The character he embodies is about to perform an act capable of altering existence.

He walks on crutches and drags one limb, his long hair falling below his shoulders and his body wrapped in a voluminous cloak.

“These bats have lived there fifty-five million years,” he murmurs as he approaches the crack in the rock. “Humans just a measly 300,000; they will still be here when we have disappeared”.

Leto embodies a star character, the eponymous hero in Morbius, one of the Marvel characters. His character’s full name is Dr. Michael Morbius, a famous New York scientist with a rare and incurable blood disease that is slowly killing him.. With the bats he catches in the cave, he intends to launch a radical experiment that will cure him – and other humans – of this misfortune.

However, this move will cause him to cross ethical boundaries, and unknown to Morbius, the price will be terrifyingly high. The experiment will save his life and will give him special powers. But from then on, he will require human plasma to survive. Others will have to die for him to continue breathing.

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Morbius is a vampire with a violent nature.

Michael Morbius andHe’s a guy who does what he pleases”, begins by explaining Leto, 49 years old, in this note provided by Sony Pictures and which was made as soon as filming ended. “He is an iconoclast. A person who has enjoyed some successful validity betting on his person and breaking rules. And he is not afraid to do this for the sake of a mission that transcends him ”.

Leto is immensely successful thanks to the select and focused characters he has chosen to play.: from a heroin addict in Requiem for a Dream (2000) to his Oscar-winning role as a transsexual with AIDS in Dallas Buyers Club (2013).

However, the interpretation of Morbius offered the actor a

Different opportunity. “It’s very rare that you can breathe life into a character who has never appeared on screen before,” he says. “This really stimulated my curiosity.

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Jared Leto faced physical challenges in this film.

“It’s a classic story about the origins of a superhero, but it’s not that simple,” he adds. “We are currently ready for much more detailed superheroes. I think there would be no problem if we called Morbius a “super-something”. In many ways he doesn’t fit what is expected of such a hero. But He’s a guy with a big heart and the best of intentions, so it’s exciting to be able to introduce a superhero 3.0 to the world. It has been a fascinating journey.”

We are currently ready for much more detailed superheroes. I think there would be no problem if we called Morbius a “super-something”. In many ways he does not fit what is expected of a hero

Morbius’ journey began in the Marvel comics, in which he made his debut as an antagonist in The Amazing Spider-Man #101 (in October 1971). Created by writer Roy Thomas and designed by Gil Kane, Morbius became the star of his own stories, so the filmmakers dipped into his various incarnations in order to create this film.

The film is inserted into the universe of Marvel and Sony Pictures characters, which also includes Spider-Man and Venom. But in this story about his origin, he will appear alone. Swedish-born Chilean Daniel Espinosa (Easy Money, Safe House, Child 44) ​​is directing, and the cast includes actor Matt Smith (Dr. Who). On this occasion, Smith plays Milo, a close friend of Morbius who becomes a dark temptation for the main character. Tyrese Gibson and Al Madrigal, meanwhile, lend a hint of levity to the more serious roles as FBI agents dedicated to tracking down the scientist’s activities.

Although the film is dense, Leto says that those moments of levity are important and he hopes that Morbius surprises the audience. There is no doubt that he has given himself body and soul to the unfolding of his character: the actor is a diligent investigator of his roles. “I did as much as I could,” he explains. “Although this disease is fictitious, I wanted to understand countless details.”

“I spent some time with survivors of rare blood diseases and with people who have suffered from rare and unique diseases. I wanted to know what such a challenge could mean. I did my best to properly embody my character in his very unique circumstances.”

“Let’s be clear, Doctor Michael Morbius has embarked on a race against time, in order to save his lifebut also the lives of other humans. The intense search constitutes something that powerfully invigorates this story”.

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The protagonist is a scientist trying to save his life.

The preparation of the actor also accommodated the physical aspect: Morbius ceases to be a dying man to become a physically powerful superhuman.

“All of this was physically challenging in many ways,” continues Leto, “and certainly the mental challenges weren’t conspicuous by their absence. It seems to me that this fact made the role a perfect subject for me, because that kind of thing fascinates me – I love physical transformations. It’s very rare that you can get that kind of experience on tapes like this.

“To be able to see someone who is about to die and who is suddenly in an optimal and incomparable physical state is something completely unexpected.”

For Leto, the most satisfying aspect of this role is none other than the dichotomy that the transformation engenders in Morbius. There is no doubt that this character wants to do good, but his new circumstances have generated a whole series of new needs.

“It fascinates me to be able to explore the darkest corners of the universe, at least slightly”, concludes. “And of course I love the raw, rebellious and slightly dark nature of Morbius. I am very excited about this tape; I am very excited that people can finally go to a movie theater and enjoy the experience that the production offers”.


*Note courtesy of Sony Pictures

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