Jauch blasphemes about Hanover on TV

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Günther Jauch blasphemes about Hanover: Region President Krach invites a moderator

Hanover.A disparaging remark by TV presenter Günther Jauch about Hanover recently on the RTL television program “Jauch gegen Sigl” brought regional president Steffen Krach to the scene. In a letter, the regional president invited the moderator to visit the Hanover region in order to refute an apparently false impression of Hanover and its surroundings: “The Hanover region has countless beautiful places that make our region one of the most liveable in all of Germany . I cordially invite you to a day in the Hanover region. To be able to get an idea for yourself,” writes Steffen Krach. “At an appointment of your choice.”

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That’s what it’s all about: On Monday evening, the RTL broadcaster sent the new quiz show “Jauch gegen Sigl” instead of the usual “Who wants to be a millionaire?” Günther Jauch had to answer questions instead of asking them as usual. Günther Jauch and his opponent, “Bergdoktor” leading actor Hans Sigl, collected points for themselves. Oliver Pocher, who was born in Hanover and grew up in the region, was the moderator of this duel.

Jauch: “Hannover will not be rebuilt after the war”

Then this question: “In 2016, a district in the Chinese city of Changde was rebuilt in the style of which German city?” was the question asked by Pocher. Possible answers were Hanover, Dresden, Heidelberg and Garmisch-Partenkirchen. For Günther Jauch it was clear: it definitely can’t be Hanover. Reason: “I believe that after the war Hanover will not be copied.”

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“Of course, as a native of Hanover, I can’t let it stand that way,” writes region president Steffen Krach to the well-known moderator. “In order to be able to get an idea for yourself, I would be happy to show you idyllic lakes such as the Maschsee and the Steinhuder Meer, historical buildings such as the Marktkirche, but also the lively life in Hanover’s city centre.”

Oliver Pocher is also upset about the Hanover sentence

Oliver Pocher had not left the swipe at his hometown uncommented on the show: “As a Hanoverian, I really have to vehemently disagree here, the city is not that bad,” he said. And: “It offended me a little how derogatory you said that.” Jauch reacted amused: “Hannover 96 is great!” Oliver Pocher was visibly annoyed: “No, that’s not right either. I would like to distance myself from that.” Steffen Krach writes a little more harmoniously in his letter: “And since we agree that Hannover 96 is a great club, I will of course also show you our stadium!”

For the region president, the letter to Günther Jauch, in addition to being friendly, also has a very serious concern: “A bad image, which is carried far and wide by such statements, can have negative economic consequences for the Hanover region, because companies do not react because of the bad image settle down in the region, which is falsely made public.” Not enough people would know how beautiful the Hanover region is. “Günther Jauch is obviously one of these people,” says Krach.

Günther Jauch has not yet responded to the invitation

By the way, Jauch chose Heidelberg. In fact, Hanover was recreated in the Chinese provincial city of Changde. It is unclear whether Günther Jauch will accept Steffen Krach’s invitation to visit. In any case, he has not yet contacted Steffen Krach.

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By Andreas Voigt

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