JF Chamber expands activities to new area and prepares contest

In the midst of the celebrations of its 169 years, the Municipality of Juiz de Fora inaugurates, this Thursday (7) the new Administrative Center of the Legislative. The delivery of the space is part of the strategic planning prepared last year, which has already reached 80% completion, according to the Board of Directors. The Casa reaches its anniversary also planning the preparation of a new competition for hiring civil servants, the elaboration of a new plan for positions and salaries for civil servants and the transfer of parliamentary activities to the building where the Benjamin Colucci Forum currently operates.

To the new Chamber space – located at Rua Marechal Deodoro 722, Centro -, the administrative, legislative and legal directorates will be transferred, in addition to the Legislative Communication Superintendence, including the new JFTV Chamber studio. The Consumer Protection Service (Sedecon) will still be taken to the site, with the application of the calls. The new headquarters has a space dedicated exclusively to the Indebted Persons Nucleus, as established in the strategic plan for 2021-2022.

“This differentiated Sedecon will serve elderly people with specialized treatment, especially regarding over-indebtedness. We will also have a follow-up for people with disabilities”, says the president of the House, councilor Juraci Scheffer (PT). According to the parliamentarian, the new space is an important part of the Chamber’s digitization project. “Today we work with the electronic administrative process. We have greater speed in the procedural processing of projects, in which everything is done digitally (…). All this makes the Chamber practically paperless.”

The Chamber’s anniversary will be celebrated with actions aimed at the public at Halfeld Park. From 9 am, free services will be available to the population, such as issuing documents, measuring blood glucose, haircuts and leisure activities for children.

The Administrative, Legislative and Legal departments, the Legislative Communications Superintendence, including the new JFTV Câmara studio, and the Consumer Defense Service (Sedecon) will be transferred to the new space of the House, located on Rua Marechal Deodoro. Fernando Priamo)

Investment of almost BRL 1 million

In total, BRL 960,000 were invested in works, an amount that adds up to the cost of adaptations to the building and also of the restoration work at Palácio Barbosa Lima, the current seat of the Legislative Power. The historic property is in the final stages of the works, which include a wide recovery of the building’s roof and also a requalification of the entire facade of the historic building.

The interventions are intended to preserve the aesthetics of the listed building, which was built 143 years ago. It also houses the Citizen Assistance Center (CAC), with identity services, curriculum development and assistance in obtaining certificates; the Integrated Center for Assistance to Women (Ciam); and the Life Appreciation Center (CVV).

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Also at Palácio Barbosa Lima, parliamentary activities will be maintained. However, this should change over the next few years, as the Chamber has a plan to move to the property where the Benjamin Colucci Forum currently operates. The Juiz de Fora District Court will have its facilities transferred to a new building, located in the region of the former Terreirão do Samba, in the central region.

“We are only waiting for the opening date of the new headquarters of the Forum for the transfer of the Legislative branch. But the negotiations are well advanced, well advanced, there are already documents guaranteeing this transfer”, explains Juraci Scheffer. The Court plans to complete the works on the new space in 2022, making room for the Chamber to transfer parliamentary activities to Palácio Benjamim Colluci.

New competition and job and salary plan

The Board of Directors of the Chamber plans to hire 32 new civil servants in the coming years. The number brings together the effectiveness of 17 new candidates in the last contest, held in 2018, and the preparation of a new contest with 15 new vacancies. As determined by the Tribuna, there will be five vacancies for Libras interpreter, three for lawyer, two for accountant, one for system analyst, one for social worker and one for sociologist.
The public notice for the hiring of the company that will organize and carry out the contest is expected for this year. The event is part of the initiative to promote the administrative reform of the House, with the adaptation of the staff. Excluding eight cabinet advisors to which each councilor is entitled, which, by law, are commission positions appointed by the acting parliamentarians, the Chamber currently has 100 commissioned civil servants and 60 public employees.

Thus, 62% of the servants of the House are in positions of free appointment. The administrative reform intends to establish a proportion above 50% of career employees in the Chamber. The changes, however, will only take effect in 2023, during the term of the next Board of Directors. “With the 17 that we are already appointing, we will have 32 new effective servers in the Chamber. Thus, balancing the relationship between commission positions and career positions”, says the president.

Another House plan, the new job and salary plan, began to be discussed last week in the Legislature, and commissions were installed to discuss the issue, according to Juraci Scheffer. “It is a discussion that has to be made in view of the constitutional feasibility itself, that we have several legal impediments and, at the same time, a knowledge plan so that servers are motivated to work in the Legislative House”, explains the parliamentarian.

“We’ve already lost a lot of qualified servers who are getting better offers from elsewhere. If I want a prepared and qualified servant, first I have to give him a good job and salary plan”. The president of the House projects that the vote on the new plan will take place later this year. “It is still an embryonic proposal, which depends on discussions. If it is approved this year, the law will only take effect next year, because it needs to have a budget forecast”.

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