Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard: Amber claims Depp gave her a “cavity check” when he thought she had hidden cocaine

Amber Heard alleged that Johnny Depp tore her underwear and did a “cavity check” when he thought she had hidden cocaine.

The defamation trial between Depp and Heard began on Monday, April 11, in Fairfax, Virginia, following Depp’s lawsuit against his ex-wife in March 2019. Depp argues that she defamed him in a December 2018 op-ed published on Washington Post titled “I spoke up against sexual violence — and faced our culture’s wrath. That has to change” (I spoke out against sexual violence and faced the wrath of our culture. That has to change.)

Taking the stand Wednesday, Heard testified that she and Depp were having a “desert party” with some friends, and “someone brought MDMA.”

She said a woman “leaned over” her and put her “head on my shoulder.” Heard said “I thought it was the effects of the drug.” Heard said that she was also using drugs at the time. She went on to say that Depp was upset, but was initially taken as a “joke” by others.

“Hey man, you think you’re touching my fucking wife,” Depp said, according to Heard.

She said Depp grabbed the woman’s arm and asked, “Do you know how many pounds of pressure it takes to break a human wrist?”

Heard testified that she and Depp walked to his trailer to talk.

She said that in the trailer, Depp accused her of instigating the episode and lying about his relationship with the woman, whom Heard said he “didn’t really know.”

Heard said Depp then began “tearing apart” the trailer and “yelling at him.”

“It became clear that she was looking for something,” Heard said, adding that he asked her “where are you hiding it?” but she didn’t know what he meant.

She said that he began to “search” me.

“He rips my dress … he grabs my breasts, he touches my thighs, he tears my underwear off,” Heard said from the witness stand.

“Then he proceeds to do a cavity check,” he added. “He said he was looking for his drugs, his cocaine.”

Heard said that she was against drug use and that implying “I was doing it… didn’t make sense.”

She said he “put his fingers inside me”, adding that he “didn’t know what to do…I just stayed there.”

“He turned his fingers while inside,” he said.

Heard’s attorney, Elaine Bredehoft, later asked about the time Heard met Depp’s children, Lily-Rose and Jack, in the summer of 2013.

Heard said she was “dying” to meet the children. Not long after, Heard said that she and Depp were on a flight to Russia, which was the “first and last time I decided it would be a good idea to do drugs with Johnny,” she claimed.

He added that they took MDMA on the plane “which was as stupid as it gets.” She said she was against Depp’s use of cocaine and alcohol, but that at the time she was around 26, she thought MDMA was a “lovely drug” and that she wanted to be the “funny girlfriend” at the time.

Heard said he took one capsule, while Depp took “several” and that everything was “going well” until a flight attendant “got involved”.

Depp offered the assistant some MDMA, which she initially refused but eventually “accepted,” according to Heard. She said the assistant leaned into Heard’s seat when Depp took the woman’s arm and told her not to touch her.

As in the Hicksville episode, Depp told the assistant that he could break her wrist, Heard testified.

“I don’t remember any kind of violence on the plane… but I do remember feeling this tension,” she said, adding that Depp was sensitive about Heard and other women, as she had previously had a female partner.

Heard said that Depp was making accusations when they arrived at the hotel and that he pushed her.

“At some point, Johnny punches me in the face. I don’t remember feeling pain or awareness of my nose… I just remember wanting him to realize what had happened,” she said.

In her 2018 op-ed, Heard wrote that “like many women, I was sexually harassed and assaulted by the time I was college-aged. But I kept quiet, I wasn’t going to file complaints to do justice. And I didn’t see myself as a victim.”

“Then two years ago I became a public figure representing domestic abuse and felt the full force of our culture’s anger at women speaking up,” she added at the time.

While Depp is not mentioned in the article, his legal team argues that it contains a “clear implication that Depp is a domestic abuser,” which they say is “categorically and demonstrably false.” Depp is seeking compensation of “no less than $50 million.”

Heard has filed a $100 million counterclaim against Depp for nuisance and immunity from his charges.

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