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After the strong rumors of the birth of the baby of the singers Evaluna Montaner and Camilo Echeverry, on his Instagram account, in which he has more than 26.6 million followers, the Colombian confirmed the arrival of Indigo to the family. “She is a happy and curious girl,” she assured.

The arrival of the little girl was being eagerly awaited by all the members of the family, who in fact traveled to meet her. According to Ricardo Montaner, Evaluna’s father and Indigo’s grandfather, everyone was attentive to the birth of her firstborn, so much so that Ricky and Mau would have flown from Europe.

With the announcement of the arrival of his daughter, Camilo shared the first images and how was the delivery of his wife Evalunasince they decided that the birth would take place at home and with the accompaniment of a midwife. Apparently, and according to the published photographs, the baby was born in a tub of water.

Índigo was born in the house of Evaluna and Camilo and is the first daughter of the couple. – Photo: Photo: Instagram @camilo

In the photographs you can only see the little girl’s legs that are supported by her father. For now, her face is not known and it is that, according to a very popular tweeter from Mexico, the scoop of her would be given to a famous magazine.

“Evaluna is the strongest, virtuous, and bravest woman who has walked this planet. All my respect, my service and my dedication to the queen of this house! ”, Camilo wrote in the publication that he shared. In addition, he stated that “God was present in every second of the birth in our home.”

Índigo was born in the house of Evaluna and Camilo and is the first daughter of the couple.
“Evaluna is the strongest, most virtuous and brave woman who has walked this planet,” Camilo wrote on his Instagram account. – Photo: Photo: Instagram @camilo

Camilo also took the opportunity to thank his followers for all the messages they have sent, both to him and to Evaluna, for the birth of his firstborn.

Thank you for all your messages, your prayers and the bubbles of love and light that have been sent here!! She grew up La Tribe ⛺️🔥☁️ (Putting down the phone again to take another nap all 3)″, she wrote.

Índigo was born in the house of Evaluna and Camilo and is the first daughter of the couple.
Índigo was born in the house of Evaluna and Camilo and is the first daughter of the couple. – Photo: Photo: Instagram @camilo

With the first photographs of his baby, Camilo also shared a short video in which he sings to his daughteraccompanied by a guitar, a fragment of Indigo, a song he recorded with Evaluna and through which they announced months ago that they were going to be parents.

It is necessary to remember that the couple she did not want to know the sex of her baby and that they called him Indigo because it has important meaning for them. Evaluna, at the time of her, had also mentioned that she grew up with a classmate who was called that way, so she knows that she is not only a masculine name.

What does Indigo mean?

According to the RAE, Indigo refers to the color indigo, a shade that is extracted from the leaves of a plant with the same name. However, that term is also used to describe “children who are considered special”, as a high stage of human evolution. The term originated in India.

The decision for the name was made after their trip to India, and they explained that they fell in love with it there. “When we were in India we fell in love with Indigo as a material, with the plant it comes from, the paints that come from it, the color is like the baby we are imagining and we love the idea of ​​having that name” Camilo Echeverry assured in an interview with La W.

When was Indigo born?

Last Wednesday, April 6, many international media began to publish that Indigo had already been born. Even the American program Wake up America He assured that the news was confirmed and assured that it was a girl.

However, Ricardo Montaner, Evaluna’s father, posted a message on his Twitter account that made more than one doubt about the true day his granddaughter was born. “April falls 8 the whole month…”wrote, which would imply that Indigo came into this world last Friday.

In addition, after Camilo confirmed the birth of his daughter, Ricardo Montaner wrote: “You can now congratulate the grandfather of #Indigo… It is beautiful, we are happy. God has been good again.”

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