Known in e-commerce, PetLove will open physical stores

PetLove: e-commerce for products for dogs and cats will open its first physical stores, in May, in the city of São Paulo (Credit: Reproduction/YouTube)

PetLove, an e-commerce for products for dogs and cats, will open its first physical stores, in May, in the city of São Paulo. Unlike its competitors, such as Cobasi and Petz, which have units from 1,000 m² to 10,000 m², PetLove’s units will be smaller, with a sales area of ​​around 300 m².

“They are not going to be megastores. They will be neighborhood stores, and the mix of products and services will have the face of the region where they will be”, says the president of PetLove, Talita Lacerda, who does not say how many units the chain intends to open in addition to the one that will be installed next month. in the Moema neighborhood.

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The concept of the stores will be that of integration between online and in-person purchases. Like modern Apple stores, PetLove points should not have payment boxes, says Talita. The idea is for the consumer to pick up the products purchased virtually on the spot or make the purchase in the store, by cell phone or at terminals installed on site. The promise is to make the purchase without queues or waiting. The units will also have a bath and grooming service.

In addition to investing in its own stores, PetLove’s plans include approaching independent stores in the sector. “We are going to partner with neighborhood pet shops. We already have more than 20 that are our partners. Many of them went from a monthly profit of R$ 5 thousand to R$ 30 thousand”, says the executive, who declined to give details on how these partnerships will be.


In more than 20 years of existence, PetLove not only established itself in e-commerce, but also attracted investments and diversified its services.

With revenues of BRL 800 million in 2021 and a forecast of BRL 1.1 billion in 2022, last year the company received a contribution of BRL 750 million from Riverwood Capital, with participation from large investment funds, such as Softbank Latin America and Monashees.

Since then, it has launched services and made acquisitions, such as the dog and cat hosting platform DogHero, the website for technical content and assistance to the veterinarian Vet Smart, the Vetus management network for companies in the pet sector and health insurance for animals. Port.Pet.

In February, PetLove purchased NoFaro, a pet health plan startup from Rio Grande do Sul that already serves more than 25,000 animals and has 600 veterinary clinics and hospitals in Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, São Paulo, Caxias do Sul ( RS) and Campinas (SP).

“To continue growing, our portfolio lacked physical stores”, explains Talita, who is a former BRF executive in China and has worked at the Tarpon fund and at the Boston Consulting Group.


Although the idea of ​​moving to physical stores brings new challenges for a company that has always operated in the virtual world – such as the inclusion of costs with rent, security and cleaning of stores, among others -, Sandro Magaldi, a specialist in strategic sales management, sees earning potential for the company’s logistics.

“Whoever has a vision of the business as a whole, can improve logistics”, says Magaldi. “With these stores, PetLove will have mini distribution centers and will increase its capillarity. It will be able to make super-fast deliveries, in less than an hour”, he adds.
The information is from the newspaper. The State of São Paulo.

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