Laura Pausini reflects on her life in a new documentary

(CNN Spanish) — The coronavirus pandemic led many to take stock of their lives and Laura Pausini was no exception.

At the beginning of the mandatory confinement due to a virus that has not given up since March 2020, Pausini wrote a story: who would he have become if he had not won the famous Sanremo Festival at the age of 18?

Under this premise, the production presented by the Italian singer this Thursday “Laura Pausini: A pleasure to meet you” is developed. A unique material in her style and perhaps a bit difficult to explain. It is not a film as such, it is not a documentary either, it is a hybrid between both formats.

The truth is that in the biopicPausini shows both her life, her beginnings, historical records of her career and also ventures into acting, she becomes the protagonist of that life that she imagined she could have had had she not been famous.

“Loneliness” and Marco: what changed the story of Laura Pausini

Inevitably, the production revolves around the song “La solitudine” or in Spanish, “La Soledad”, which not only led her to win the festival but also to take the international step very early. It was her first success not only in Italy, but in countries like Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and, inevitably, Latin America.

A song that describes a teenage situation, the love she had for Marco… until he, she says, cheated on her.

Marco, he has left never to return
The morning train arrives without him
It’s just a heart with a metal soul
In that gray fog that envelops the city

At that tender age of 18, Laura Pausini did not imagine winning the most important music festival in Italy, the one that changes the lives of those who succeed.

The singer told Zona Pop CNN a year ago that she never really dreamed of being on that stage, her biggest dream was to be a piano bar singer with her father Fabrizio, whom she calls Pausini originalthe one who actually dreamed of all the success that Laura has achieved in her almost 30-year career.

“Being from a small town, I honestly didn’t think it was possible to dream until I went to the ‘Sanremo Festival’, which is the most important music contest we have in Italy. Imagine then how impossible it was to dream of the Grammys, unattainable because I dreamed of it. Golden Globe and Oscar, I didn’t think that was for singers,” Pausini said at the time.

So who would it have been?

The other life of Laura Pausini

In her imagination, the singer-songwriter recreated her world: she took us to her home in Solarolo, she showed us how as a child she was already in love with music, her passions as a teenager and also, how her life would have been if “La Soledad” had not been good enough to win the festival.

She would have been an architect or a potter, the latter profession, one that the real Laura Pausini actually studied at a school of arts and crafts.

Something that would not have changed is his love for music as such. In that other life, Laura imagined herself as a piano bar singer, delighting diners while enjoying a delicious dinner. Helping her friends and showing how genuine, passionate and honest she is on this real plane.

In this mixture of the real and the imaginary, Pausini also documented perhaps little-seen moments of fame: that loneliness, not the one he felt when Marco left never to return, but the loneliness of the artist. Being in a hotel room and not having anyone to share the joy of winning a Grammy with.

“The disadvantages are difficult to carry,” said Pausini in the production.

The highs and the lows

We also see the joys that his profession has brought him, his endearing connection with his followers, the stages where he has been able to play, his friends from Hollywood, well-known singers, etc., who have become friends over the years.

And since sadness is also part of joy, Pausini showed the pain, the one she had when she tried to get pregnant and couldn’t. Until her daughter, Paola, was finally born.

One of the most emotional moments in the film is when she gathers her fan club in Italy and finally shares that she is pregnant. The venue explodes with joy, something that shows that connection and honesty with which Pausini lives his profession, a closeness with his followers that may be unthinkable with any other artist.

His victory at the Golden Globes was reflected in the production, as well as the Oscar nomination and one of the feelings that the announcement generated in him, the fear of what could happen to his life if he had won the Academy Award for best original song by “Ìo si”.

That Oscar nomination, he tells in the production, generated an internal struggle that he did not resolve until the ceremony ended.

And it was a roller coaster of emotions, he says that he went from euphoria to concern, to reflecting on the responsibility he had on his shoulders to represent Italy before one of the most well-known awards on the entire planet, to fear. .. who took her, account in the biopicto feel strange, confused.

The liberating moment of not having won! He not only enjoyed a hamburger in a limousine in Los Angeles, but also taught her daughter that not everything in life is winning, that you also have to know how to lose and that does not mean that you are less.

“Happiness is not found on a big stage, but in our passions and in our ability to love ourselves, whatever our destiny may be,” Pausini said in the documentary.

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