learn to eat well while spending little with these delicious recipes

Are you trying to have better eating habits but on a tight budget? Know that you can prepare healthy food spending little. For this, you will have to organize yourself well in advance and make some smart choices. But don’t worry, we’ll explain how to do it!

O AllHot gathered tips for you to save on shopping and still maintain a healthy diet. And that’s not all: we list 15 delicious and inexpensive recipes for you to be inspired. Want to check out the tips? Keep reading!

How to save on food?


It’s not news to anyone that food has been getting more expensive every month. As a result, the need to give preference to cheaper food has become urgent. Here are some tips to save:

Make a shopping list

No deciding on the market what you need to buy, see? The chances of ending up taking unnecessary things are very high, especially if you are hungry. This is a bad habit for both those who want to save and for those who want to eat better. In both cases you need to be focused and objective so you don’t fall into temptation.

Therefore, search plan ahead the menu for the week and note which items are missing. When it hits the market, the rule is clear: if it’s not on the list, it’s not really needed.

Try to buy vegetables and fruits at the fair

If you are looking for healthy foods, fruits and vegetables should be part of your daily life. Therefore, it is nice to find places where they are sold more cheaply. This location is usually the fairbuying directly from small producers.

In this situation is it easier to bargain and is it still possible to take advantage of end-of-the-fair promotions? moment when the vendors want to leave and are not willing to take any food back. Want an extra tip? Enjoy the fruits and vegetables that are in season, in addition to being more beautiful, they are usually cheaper.

avoid waste

Throwing away food is out of the question! It’s no use chasing the cheapest healthy foods if they end up in the trash, right? Here the tip is do not exaggerate the amount. Buy enough for the week and replenish as needed.

If you have any food left over, be creative and prepare a recipe with the leftovers, or freeze the preparation to eat at another time. In the case of fruit, freeze them before they spoil. Frozen fruits are excellent for juices, smoothies, and even homemade ice cream.

search price

If you’re looking to save money, it’s not recommended to shop at the first market you find. Compare prices in the region where you live and choose the cheapest place. Generally, wholesale supermarkets have interesting offers. It is worth checking.

How to maintain a healthy diet?

If you are looking for recipes from healthy foodYou must have already understood the importance of taking care of food to have good health and age with quality of life, right? Here are some tips to implement in your routine:

Eat vegetables and fruits every day

You’ve already learned how to buy cheaper vegetables and fruits, so don’t forget to include them in your daily diet. Fruits are great for breakfast, afternoon snack or even as an after-lunch dessert. Vegetables and vegetables should be present both at lunch and at dinner.

Drink at least 2 liters of water

Water is wonderful: it helps to lose weight, improves intestinal health, hydrates, provides beautiful skin and much more! It is important to know that the amount of two liters is only estimated. In fact, the calculation must be done based on the person’s body weight. An average of 30ml per kilo is calculated.

Reduce industrialized

We know that opening packages makes the routine simpler, but unfortunately this is very harmful to health. Industrialized and ultra-processed foods are rich in sodium, sugar, bad fats, dyes, preservatives and several other components harmful to health.

Therefore, try to consume real food, the one that needs to be peeled and prepared at home, such as fruits, vegetables, oilseeds and cereals. With a little organization it is possible to make these smart exchanges.

Choose whole foods

Did you know that whole foods, in addition to being rich in fiber, make us feel fuller? This means you can eat less and feel full. It is possible to make some simple substitutions, exchanging bread, rice, pasta and even flour for the wholegrain versions.

Healthy and cheap foods: see 15 ideas

So far, you can already see that it is super possible to choose healthy foods for everyday life, spending little and without having to work. The challenge is much more linked to changes in habits and organization. So be consistent at first to absorb the new food.

To inspire you, we brought you 15 delicious, cheap, healthy and easy recipes to make at home. Try it!

Chickpea pie

Yes, you can make a pie with a much healthier dough made from chickpeas! Do it at home!

tapioca pie

Super easy pie with chicken, carrot, tomato and onion filling. Delight!

Eggplant oven kibbeh

How about eating eggplant in a different way? This kibbeh is worth trying, huh?

Chicken noodles

Wholemeal noodles, with shredded chicken and cottage cheese. It can’t be bad!

omelet with oatmeal

Adding oatmeal to the omelet increases satiety and fiber level. Interesting option for those looking for healthy foods.

Stroganoff with Sweet Potato

You didn’t read it wrong! This is a sweet potato stroganoff recipe and it tastes great. Try and draw your conclusions!

manioc soup

A soup on the coldest days is a delicious option, isn’t it? By the way, soup is dinner, yes!

Vegetable Soup With Chicken

Another soup with chicken, carrots, potatoes and a touch of curry. You can do it today!

Wholemeal tuna pie

The pie is great for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Just add a salad and the meal is ready.

Wholemeal rice cake

Leftover rice from lunch? How about preparing ricotta-stuffed dumplings for dinner? Everyone will love it!

Eggplant lasagna

You can replace the lasagna noodles with eggplant slices. We guarantee it will be very tasty.

pumpkin hide

If you’re a pumpkin fan, you’ll love this escondidinho with ground beef. It can be assembled in small portions or on a large platter.

Pasta with broccoli

This pasta can be eaten guilt-free and is still very quick to make. Perfect for busy days.

Healthy Steak Parmigiana

Is there anyone who doesn’t like steak parmigiana? With this healthy version it is very easy to diet!

Chicken hamburger

How about turning your everyday chicken breast into a delicious hamburger? See the recipe.

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