“Let’s Dance juror Llambi takes a swipe at the audience’s favorite

Joachim Llambi shows no mercy with the “Let’s Dance” celebrities – and his jury colleagues are not safe from his pithy sayings either. Image: dpa / Rolf Vennenbernd

After live show number six of the current “Let’s Dance” season, it remains to be seen: the RTL program is finally picking up speed. It was the first edition of the dance format in which none of the candidates or professional dancers had Corona and had to sit out. The infection started right at the beginning of the season Joachim Llambi, who had to watch the introductory show from the couch at home.

The adjudicator is considered a tough judge who always gives the celebrities an honest, but sometimes very devastating dance verdict. Llambi has been a juror on “Let’s Dance” since the first season and has been in front of the camera for longer than any other contributor. However, he does not become mild with age – not even towards his jury colleagues. In each edition of the show, viewers can wait for Llambi, together with moderator Daniel Hartwich, to make fun of either Jorge González’s bad German or his extravagant outfit.

Shortly before the seventh live show on Friday, Llambi’s teasing was no longer limited to the broadcasts: On Instagram, he was again amused by the wrong choice of words by the native Cuban.

Joachim Llambi starts the social media swipe at Jorge

The trigger for the juror’s Instagram story post was a post by Jorge on his account. He shared a trailer from RTL and expressed his anticipation for Friday by writing: “Friday night will be fire!” In the clip he can be heard saying right at the beginning: “Today the knot finally burst for you!” By that he meant the celebrity candidate and “GZSZ” actor Timur Ülker, who put on an excellent jive with professional dancer Malika Dzumaev last week.

Motsi Mabuse and even Joachim Llambi shared his assessment on TV. The strict juror in the situation left Jorge’s linguistic errors unmentioned. Finally, he made up for a joke about the statement and wrote about the trailer he posted in his story:

“We’re all lucky that Jorge’s knot burst as well!”

Joachim Llambi allowed himself a joke at the expense of Jorge González.

Joachim Llambi allowed himself a joke at the expense of Jorge González.Image: Screenshot / Instagram / joachim_llambi

Garnished with a number of laughing emojis and even a personal link from Jorge and Motsi, the post was finally complete in Llambi’s eyes. However, the former catwalk coach from “GNTM” has not yet reacted to this – at least not publicly.

Jorge González doesn’t give a damn about jokes about him

Last August, watson confronted Jorge González about the constant jokes about him and his styling. The 54-year-old emphasized that he was not too concerned: “I ignore things like that. I do my thing, but I know that what I represent and do is over the top. I’m unique, worldwide, not just in Germany and that’s just part of me.”

Jorge also added that he was fulfilling a lifelong dream with his special appearance and was proud of it: “What other people think or say doesn’t interest me at all”he declared confidently.


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