“Let’s Dance” moderator Victoria Swarovski is “more and more embarrassing” for fans

Victoria Swarovski received some critical comments online.Image: dpa / Rolf Vennenbernd

In the past three months, everything has revolved around the celebrity candidates from Let’s Dance”, but this Friday the focus is on the professional dancers of the RTL dance show. In the big professional challenge, ten couples compete against each other and fight for victory.

This year, the professional challenge has a premiere. While in recent years the professionals have always been able to decide for themselves with which colleague they want to compete in the competition, this time RTL made the decision who danced with whom. Among others, Massimo Sinató and Vadim Garbuzov, Christina Luft and Andrzej Cibis as well as Ekaterina Leonova and Oxana Lebedew came out as pairings.

At the end, the winning couple not only receives a trophy, but also a very special prize: One of the two, should he or she be part of “Let’s Dance” in 2023, can choose a celebrity as a dance partner. This year Renata Lusin was free to choose a partner and she chose Mathias Mester, with whom she ended up third.

Victoria Swarovski’s moderation is not particularly well received

Like the regular “Let’s Dance” shows, the professional challenge will be moderated by Daniel Hartwich and Victoria Swarovski. The 28-year-old caused irritation among the viewers with her questions.

After just a few minutes, the moderator was criticized on Twitter. “Vici’s questions are getting more and more embarrassing”, judged a user on the social media platform. “Interview from hell,” said another fan.

This scene caused particular irritation: Patricija Ionel and Sergiu Luca dance Viennese waltzes to the motto “Cinderella” with the songs “Who is she” by Patrick Doyle and “Maquerade” by Khatchaturian. In keeping with the theme, Patricija lost a glass slipper as Cinderella at the end. After the dance, Vici asked the duo about the story behind the shoe. But instead of answering, Patricija just looked confused. She couldn’t relate to Victoria’s question.

“I’m Viennese and not even I understood the question now,” commented a spectator on the small incident. “The stone today with pronounced moderation problems”mocked another user.

In addition, a small faux pas happened to her. When she announced this year’s “DSDS” winner Harry Laffontien as a show act, she got confused with his name. “For every slip of the tongue from Victoria, the winnings for the callers should be increased by 1,000 euros. After one evening, RTL would be close to bankruptcy,” someone joked on Twitter.

According to Vici saying: Users speak their mind

There were also many users who defended Victoria – but for a different reason. A user suddenly asked the following question: “Is Victoria pregnant?” With this comment, he drew the ire of the other viewers, who made it clear that such a question was not okay. “You don’t ask something like that. It has something to do with respect”, one commenter pointed out. Another fan of the show was also very angry: “Why always such questions? I don’t understand. That can be hurtful.”


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