Love for books, ‘arts’ with a Christmas ball, ‘positive leader’: check out memories of the pre-candidates’ mothers

Less exposed than their children, but remembered in contexts that are not always positive, mothers of politicians tell interesting and funny stories. They are memories, mainly from childhood, that report a little of their look on their children who are in the spotlight much more for their public lives.

On Mother’s Day, the Mediamax newspaper asked the mothers of the pre-candidates for the Government of Mato Grosso do Sul to tell stories that have marked their daily lives and memory.

Check out the reports of the mothers of the pre-candidates:

Ieda Marques de Carvalho, mother of Giselle Marques, PT pre-candidate

“Giselle was enchanted with books from a very young age. She and her sister Eloine were literate very early, at the age of four, because I was a teacher and they were always asking me to give ‘assignments’ with letters and numbers. At that time it was very difficult to take pictures. There were no cell phones and the facilities now. We once hired a photographer, and Giselle insisted on posing with the books, as if she were reading. At the time she only knew a few letters, but she thought it was the most beautiful thing in the world to know how to read. When she was 10 years old, I decided to hide Jorge Amado’s and Aloisio de Azevedo’s collections, as they were very ‘heavy’ reading for her age. When I went down the bookshelves she said: ‘Hey, mom, these are no use hiding them. I’ve read them all’.”

The memory is even more special, according to Giselle, because the mother suffers from Alzheimer’s and has no recollection of more recent episodes. “The oldest she has. She had already told it before and it was very emotional.”

Therezinha Mandetta Trad, mother of Marquinhos Trad, PSD pre-candidate

“I remember one time I was putting together a very simple Christmas tree, made of guava tree branches and some very small balls. He was 11 months old, and right there next to me. Distracted, rolling cotton to put on the tree, I was startled when I saw blood on the ground. When I open my mouth, I see the ball. He put it in his mouth and chewed. Those little balls were sharp, made of a sharp material. The ball, red, so I didn’t know what a ball was, what blood was, I picked him up and ran to the hospital. The doctor, Walfrido Arruda, gave him an anesthetic and took it, bit by bit, out of the ball. But thank God it all worked out. One of the arts, before you even start talking. When Marcos was little, I was already working as a teacher, and I had a girl who helped me with the children, Isabel. She didn’t listen and didn’t speak, but Marcos communicated perfectly with her, making all the gestures. He took a while to speak, he started around three years old. And how do you speak today? (laughs). A golden boy, observant, quiet and perfectionist. What he takes to do, he does with perfection. This is a great quality of my son.”

Giuseppa Puccinelli, mother of former governor André Puccinelli, currently a pre-candidate for the MDB, died on August 28, 2010. At the time, the former incumbent was running for reelection. On this Mother’s Day, he is the one who remembered a story with her.

“I started studying at the age of six and walked two kilometers to go to school. One day I came back all dirty and with a black eye. My mother asked me: what happened, my son? A boy bigger than me hit me. I had a police dog named Blenda, pretty, and she put the dog to accompany me to school. Every day I came back, she would ask: Was my son well? Did you have any problems? There was no problem! And the mother repeated the same thing every day. I take advantage of this memory I have of my mother to honor all the mothers in the world, in our Brazil and in the 79 municipalities in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul”.

Mothers of the candidates

The mothers of the pre-candidates for the Government of MS – Art: Deyvid Guimarães

Seila Maria Garcia Corrêa, mother of Eduardo Riedel, pre-candidate of PSDB

“I was asked to tell a relevant fact in the life of the pre-candidate for the State Government of MS, Eduardo Riedel. As a mother, I can only talk about Dudu, because that’s how he is called by his family and friends. my son, the middle one, between his older brother and the youngest girl, was always calm. A good student, I heard back in the 70s, from the coordinator of the Kindergarten at his school, that he was a positive leader. I was not disappointed. When he took the entrance exam, he went on to medicine at UFRJ and chose to study Biology. His father questioned the choice. Why not medicine? And he firmly replied that he did not want to be a doctor, he wanted to study Biology. And so is our Dudu. Firm in his decisions, sensitive to social issues and loving with his family. I am very proud of my son!”

Fulgencia Modesto, mother of Rose Modesto, pre-candidate of União Brasil


“I remember when Rose was about eight or nine years old that she would help me do the daily {cleaning} in the houses. Rose was always meticulous in cleaning. We often walked to save bus fare. She was always chatty. I would go all the way singing and talking, I wouldn’t stop for a minute. We didn’t have much luxury. We lived in a little house in Parati that had 11 people and two bedrooms so we couldn’t afford to have different food. a deal with Rose. She helped me with the daily rate during the week and on Friday when we received the money. I would go with her to the market to buy yogurt that came on a tray. It was the luxury we had. Rose worked hard and The reward was the yogurt. Her eyes sparkled and that was the motivation for her to be more whimsical in the cleaning. I remember Rose slowly ate the yogurt just to taste it to last longer.”.

Captain Contar, pre-candidate for PRTB, did not send a response. Remembering that the six names mentioned are in pre-campaign and will only be confirmed as candidates during party conventions, between July 20 and August 5.

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