Meet Teresa Vanilla; the dog with ‘the most hydrated hair on the internet’

Most women dream of having beautiful hydrated and often wavy locks, even if they spend hours in the beauty salon to achieve the result.

The little dog Vanilha Teresa, of the cocker spaniel breed, two years old, who lives with her tutor, Letícia Borgheti, in Taboão da Serra, in São Paulo, was lucky to be born with this hair, giving a certain “envy” to the ladies.

And in a post made by the tutor in a Facebook group on the 17th of May, it is possible to see how Vanilha is successful.

In the video, the paulistana brushes the dog’s shiny and silky “hair”, leaving her followers in disbelief with her beauty.

The post reached more than 4,100 reactions and hundreds of comments full of praise.

“This glow was only achieved by two beings in the world: Vanilha Teresa and Gisele Bündchen”, joked one.

“I’m going to start eating the same food as her, what beautiful hair, I almost went blind with so much shine”, wrote another.

“I thought I was in the Blondes and Hydrates group,” scoffed a third.

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But, it wasn’t always like that, as a puppy, she was bald, looked like a male, her hair only started to grow when she was about a year old. And from there to here, woe to anyone who messes with this cutie’s topknot.

“One day at the pet shop the boy cut a little and I got very angry. Because the topknot is the only place we don’t move [risadas]!” Leticia told I love my pet.

The care ritual to maintain this hair is just brushing, bathing in the pet shop every 15 days and, when necessary, hydration. Here’s a tip, girls!

And of course when they go out on the street, this beauty does not go unnoticed.

“I’ve been asked if I’ve bleached her hair [risadas]”, Letícia said. “When she comes back from the pet shop it’s even worse, because her hair gets voluminous and they always ask about her forelock”.

Vanilla can charm many people, but the one who truly loves her is the tutor who revealed that the puppy arrived at a very difficult time in her life.

In 2017, Letícia had lost Marley, her Labrador dog, who was already very old. The years passed and the lack of a pet made her look for a puppy and then her path crossed with Vanilla’s.

“We know that no pet replaces the other, but Vanilla came at the right time!”, he said.

And since then the two are a stick, true companions! And Letícia doesn’t mince words to show this love:

“Vanilla today for me, it’s my life! For many it’s just a pet, for me, she came and saved me.. she’s my companion in everything, a stick with me! I’ve never felt a love as strong as I have for her. I got a tattoo with her face on my arm.. she is everything to me.”

May this cutie continue to bring many joys to her owner’s life and may her beauty continue to be a sight for the eyes of those who see her.

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