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Rita Pereira: Meet the daycare where the actress leaves her dog Kai on vacation

In addition to being able to socialize with others, Just4Buddies also offers baths and clippings and allows you to see your pet 24 hours a day.

Your dog will not be homesick in the joy of this daycare.

Rita Pereira went on holiday with her boyfriend, Guillaume Lalung, and their son to the Algarve and had no doubts where to leave her dog Kai. The TVI actress and presenter, who has already antagonized soap operas such as “A Única Mulher” and “A Herdeira”, chose Just4Buddies, a canine daycare where she has the utmost confidence and knows that the Border Collie will be safe and well treated.

The business started in October 2020, having suffered some turmoil due to the pandemic year: “I was a little disappointed, as it was very difficult to start attracting clients, because of the confinements and teleworking”, tells PiT the founder of Just4Buddies, Sofia Good soul.

The businesswoman began to see her dream and the many years of work and investment she put into it fall to the ground. With a great passion for animals since she was a little girl, she graduated in Biology and started walking dogs in 2014. One thing led to another and, two years later, she ended up buying a plot of land, with 510 m², which gave rise to the canine daycare.

“We were very lucky, because Rita Pereira soon found our space, did a lot of advertising on social media and we started to have a lot of customers”, remember. It was in this way that the actress contributed to the first steps of Just4Buddies and compensated for the expenses spent on advertising “which ended up not having much effect”.

The house is located in São Domingos de Rana, in the municipality of Cascais, and has the capacity to accommodate 50 dogs in total, allowing only 25 during the stay, and this last service is in high demand: “We have a large waiting list, especially for the month of August. There are dogs that stay here for weeks”, explains Sofia Boa-Alma.

Common garden composed of several utensils for the dogs to play, such as tires, tunnels and sandboxes, among others, and a interior space for when the weather conditions don’t cooperate or when you take a nap after lunchthe daycare is the perfect place for your pet to socialize with others and to spend all their energies.

See in the video below one of the most successful activities in the dog daycare (and that you can do at home and easily).

In addition, all owners know that their dog will always be safe, whether by having company for 24 hours or by daycare center with cameras installed on site: “The dog does not say if he ran or if he played and the owners are always calling to ask how he is and asking to send videos”, he explains. In this way, the client no longer needs to be worried about his pet, being given a password, which he will have to put on the Just4Buddies website, to have access to images of the garden.

The daycare also provides transport, bathing and clipping services, which, despite being more requested for dogs that are staying, there are also many customers who only go there for that purpose: to get their pets clean and shining. .

The values ​​vary according to the weight of the animal, being that the daycare has a price of €12 per day for dogs under 14 kilos and €14 when they exceed that weight. The stay costs €18 for the first case and €20 for the second.

The services where the biggest difference is noticed are the baths and clippings, in which there are other conditions, such as the fact that it weighs more than 30 kilos and the size of the hair, varying between €15 and €35 ​​fixed. Transport and nail clipping are the same price for all dogs, with the first costing €3.5 and the second €5.

If you weren’t convinced by Rita Pereira’s Instagram stories, then surely the photos of the space and the happy dogs will. Click through the gallery to see all about Just4Buddies.

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