Meet Théo, the digital influencer parrot

Per Redaction Published 05/07/2022

Pets are increasingly gaining space in socializing with families, being considered true members. That’s because they are cute, adorable and always ready to fill the house with happiness.

They abuse affection and play and thus also gain space on the internet, being successful on social networks for animals.

They go viral very quickly, making a lot of success with users. Some have even become digital influencers, with their humans maintaining a regular posting routine, as is the case with the parrot Théo, by Venâncio Aires.

The bird already has 68,000 followers on Instagram. He is the pet of the couple Marciel Ivan Schroeder, a businessman in the electronics industry, and Daiane Teixeira, a nursing technician, and a psychology student.


Now in the Valley – When did you decide to have a pet parrot?

Marciel and Daiane – Well, since I was a child I (Marciel) always had a great passion for animals. Together with my family, we always had some birds at home. In 2019, already living with my fiancee, I acquired a cockatiel, which was my first bird. So soon after, the idea of ​​having a parrot came up (which has always been a big dream for me). I started a search, the search for information on how and where to buy. Until then I discovered that the correct way to have a parrot or any other wild bird at home was to buy it from a breeder authorized by IBAMA. So began a search for breeding sites.

Agora no Vale – After your arrival, what has changed in the routine of the house?

Marciel and Daiane – On January 20, 2020 I got in touch with the Agrovida Breeder, in Arroio do Meio, where, to my delight, there were puppies available for that breeding season. We made the reservation, and on the 20th of February we picked him up. In the first days, he was fed with baby food, special for puppies and after some time he started to eat extruded food, suitable for parrots and fruits.

Agora no Vale – Who had the idea of ​​creating a social network for Théo and how do you deal with fame?

Marciel and Daiane – The idea of ​​creating a profile on Instagram was to record some photos of everyday life and its development. So we started getting a lot of followers, many of them tutors, lovers and bird breeders. We didn’t imagine it would have such a big impact. Currently, we receive contacts from several companies that manufacture or sell products for parrots and cockatiels, who seek the space on Théo’s Instagram to promote their products. They send the products they want to be advertised.

Agora no Vale – Does Théo’s fame help other breeders to take proper care of their birds?

Marciel and Daiane – Yes. We see a certain difficulty of people in relation to food and well-being of parrots, and so we use the profile to post tips and also ask questions. Théo has followers all over Brazil and other countries. In some cases, we use the translator to chat with followers who communicate in other languages. We currently have 68,000 followers, a number that is growing every day. Our focus is to help tutors of other parrots, indicating feeding and correct handling, and showing a little of the day to day of what it’s like to have a parrot at home. And post some cute and funny videos of him.

Agora no Vale – How is his day-to-day at home?

Marciel and Daiane – Pargaio Théo is very dear to everyone in the house. He usually gets loose around the house when we are close or inside the nursery, which is full of toys. His diet is divided between extruded feed, fruits and vegetables. Our biggest difficulty was adapting a form so that it doesn’t get cold in the winter, as this species of parrots is not used to our cold climate, as they are native to the warmer regions.

Agora no Vale – And your favorite pastime?

Marciel and Daiane – He loves to drive with us. He loves to walk around the countryside to see nature. We have a branch adapted to a base, so when we go out, we take it with us for Théo to stay close and participate in the circle at the time of mate.

Agora no Vale – In addition to his cuteness, he is an excellent singer and very talkative, right?

Marciel and Daiane – Truth. Théo is a very talkative parrot, he loves to talk, especially when we are not close to him, just to get our attention. He sings songs like “Atirei o pau no gato”, “Congratulations to you”, he loves to imitate dog barks and in addition he repeats many words said by us, such as: “Oi meu amor”, “Oi Théo”, “Oi, tudo good?” “Did you eat the fruit?”, “Come along”, “Let’s go daddy”, “Bye”. And we can’t forget his flirtatious side: he loves to throw kisses.

Agora no Vale – Besides the parrot, what other pets do you have?

Marciel and Daiane – Currently, in addition to Théo, we have 3 cockatiels, which are called Pitty, Chica and Puff. Theo’s relationship with cockatiels is very good, but he needs care, as parrots are very territorial and bipolar, and can easily hurt a cockatiel.

Now in the Valley – What is your species?

Marciel and Daiane – He is a true parrot species (Amazona Aestiva), he is two years old and is not yet considered an adult parrot, as parrots reach their adult stage at 5 years old.

Now in the Valley – And when will he get a companion?

Marciel and Daiane – These are future plans (laughs). We thought about acquiring a companion for Théo, but we are still maturing the idea. He’s still too young to date (laughs). And those who were curious can follow our daily lives through the profile @papagaio.theo. We share daily records of the animal eating, playing, singing, giving tips on food and well-being, in addition to many photos and videos.

Facts about the Amazona Aestiva Parrot

– They live an average of 80 years;

– The blue-fronted parrot’s distribution includes countries such as Paraguay, Bolivia and northern Argentina. In Brazil the individuals are in areas of Pernambuco, Piauí, Ceará and Bahia;

– Its weight is on average 400 grams and its length is 45 cm;

– It is one of the most intelligent birds in the world, considering that it can repeat what it hears from its owners;

– It is one of the most intelligent birds in the world, considering that it can repeat what it hears from its owners;

– The characters “Louro José”, from the Mais Você program on Rede Globo and “Zé Carioca” from Disney, were inspired by this animal.

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