Mickie Krause – with Birgit Schrowange “more intimate than ever”?

All good things come in threes, Sat.1 apparently thought and sent Birgit Schrowange into the race with a new TV attempt. After “Birgit’s strong women” were canceled early after two episodes due to lack of success and Schrowange’s new series of reports “We will be more” has been sent far below the public radar on Sunday afternoon since the end of June, the moderator has now appeared in front of Mallorca.

Ready for the island? Birgit Schrowange has been living with her fiancé on the busy Balearic island for a good year. Now she should inspire the rest of Germany for her second home in a four-part series. But is there anything else that we don’t know or don’t think we know about Malle?

Mallorca-Mickie – “He talks to Birgit about everything”

Ironically, Mickie Krause conjures up Schrowange as the first island testimonial. Since 1999, the singer has had “ten naked hairdressers” dance across the party mile of Palma de Mallorca. What surprises can he of all people contribute? The off-screen voice promises full-bodied: “Today he talks to Birgit about everything!” And further: “Mickie Krause – more open and intimate than ever before.”

We learn: The Krause home on Malle has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, three terraces and a pool. Also: After four children, Mickie Krause does not want any more offspring and has therefore made a clear cut – with a vasectomy. Did you really want to know? Not really.

Everything is fine again after bladder cancer

Schrowange is not very woman-friendly, but is goal-oriented: “When you see you on stage like that, you might think, oh, he must have some women at the start.” To then tell you a little bit about yourself: you want to marry. To be on the safe side, she waited until old age “so that it really lasts”. Ha ha ha

It’s less funny when Krause talks about the moment when he was diagnosed with bladder cancer: “My family carried me through this time.” But after three operations, he can now hope to “be 80 or 85 years old.”

What is also important for people who are thinking about a stay in Malle: Anyone who drinks sangria out of a bucket there has to pay a fine of 3000 euros. At Mickie Krause’s house, the sangria is prepared with lemonade and in a terracotta bucket. Later, Mickie Krause and Ballermann-Biggi sing in a duet “Schatzi, give me a photo” – first in the living room, then on stage. Neither sounds good, but Schrowange now knows: You won’t get a hit grenade on Mallorca in the blink of an eye, “many people think it’s much easier than it really is”.

Luxury or Ballermann? Mallorca in conflict

Mallorca is not only sangria, sunburn and ham street, but also luxury in high potency – because that is the long-term strategic goal of the tourism department on Mallorca. But is that what the party guests want? Schrowange invites the convinced shooters Cain and Jimmy to a five-star finca. But they secretly rush to Calla Rajada at night because they can’t stand the extreme quiet and need a pizza after the small-scale gourmet dinner. Party animals are not so easy to move.

Luxury or Ballermann? A question that Lothar, Detlef and Anita no longer ask themselves. The three live in Majorcan caves and are therefore literally on the fringes of society. Detlef and Lothar were in jail in Germany, after which they were stranded on the Spanish island. Sleeping outdoors all year round, washing yourself out of the bucket, begging in front of the supermarket: “It’s pretty hard,” says Schrowange. Finally no more stress, thinks Anita.

A show as an ego booster for Birgit Schrowange

In “Our Mallorca with Birgit Schrowange” the island has to share the limelight – nomen est omen – with the presenter, who asks Frank Rosin how she manages at 64 to “still be such a beautiful, attractive woman”. Schrowange attributes this to the fact that she allegedly doesn’t think about old age at all. But simply happy and grateful. Aging gracefully can be so easy.

Mallorca: That is five-star luxury and cave poverty, alcohol break and celebrity El Dorado, finca and hairdresser song, loneliness and jubilant hustle and bustle cheerfulness around the clock. Birgit Schrowange has already presented all of these well-known opposites in the first episode. What will the other Malle Thursdays bring? Maybe finally something new.

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