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Countdown to one of the most anticipated weddings of the year. Next Saturday, April 9, Brooklyn Beckham (23 years old) and Nicholas Peltz (27) will say ‘yes, I do’ by the Jewish rite in Palm Beach, Florida. The link, whose budget is estimated at €3.5 millionIt will take place in the luxurious house of the bride’s father, valued at 90 million euros.

The marriage will seal, forever, the union between the Beckhams -one of the most famous sagas in the United Kingdom- and the Peltz -less mediatic, although with a huge fortune, linked to fame and with prestigious careers-. But Who’s who in the environment of Nicola and future political family of Brooklyn?

Nicola is the daughter of billionaire businessman and investor nelson petz (79 years old), whose fortune, according to ForbesIt amounts to $1.7 billion (1,557 euros). He is one of the founders of the investment fund Train Fund Management and throughout his career he has been part of recognized companies, as non-executive president or board member, among which Sysco, Mondelēz International or Procter & Gamble stand out.

Nicola Peltz with her parents, Nelson and Claudia.


His prestige and power as a businessman has allowed him to interact with personalities in high places, such as the tycoon and former president of the United States, donald trump (75), whom he supported in some of his events as president and one of his prestigious neighbors in Florida.

Regarding his personal life, Nelson Peltz has been married three times and has 10 children. His last wife, the former model claudia heffner (67), Nicholas’s mother and two other of its best-known offspring: Will be (35) and Lace (32). The first is model and actor and has participated in several movies, television programs and even music videos. His most important role was obtained in 2014, when she was part of Men, women and children.

For his part, Brad Peltz, another of Brooklyn Beckham’s well-known brothers-in-law, is a former ice hockey playerthe same discipline in which they have also tried their luck Zachary Y GregoryNicola’s brothers. The rest of the family –Matthew, Brittany Y darren– have followed their father’s legacy and have directed their career towards the business sector, even developing their own projects and ventures.

Nicola Peltz with her sister Brittany.

Nicola Peltz with her sister Brittany.


All of them will officially become the new family of Brooklyn Beckham, starting next April 9 when he takes another step in his relationship with Nicola Peltz. The couple met through mutual friends. at high society events and first appeared together in 2019, at a Halloween party hosted by Leonardo Dicaprio (47). Months later, in July 2020, they announced their engagement. Initially, the link was scheduled for that same year, but due to the restrictions of the pandemic they had to postpone it until this spring.

Brooklyn and Beckham and Nicola Peltz will celebrate their marriage with their loved ones and a select group of VIPs. The guest list includes faces like Gisele Bundchen (41), gigi hadid (26), the chef Gordon Ramsay (55) or the members of the Spice Girls. The bride will opt for a Valentino wedding dress and is expected to victoria beckham (47), mother of the groom, wear a design of her own signature. However, the designer’s outfit has not been confirmed.

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz during a Valentino fashion show in Paris.

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz during a Valentino fashion show in Paris.


Few details are known about the celebration. One of the most striking, to date, is the participation of Snopp Dog (50), friend of david beckham (46), as DJ of the evening. “David has been my boy for over 10 years and I am very close to his family. The Brooklyn wedding is going to be a huge event and my gift to him and his bride-to-be is that I will come and do a shoot for them at their big day,” said the artist.

Before giving the ‘yes, I want’, according to the information that handles The Daily MailBrooklyn and Nicola have signed a millionaire prenuptial agreement to avoid future inconveniences regarding your economy. The Beckhams have a heritage of 440 million euros, while the Peltz exceed 1,500 million euros.

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