Mineira do Livro Biennial counts with the support of the State Department of Culture and Tourism – Made with ♥ in Belo Horizonte

The Bienal Mineira do Livro takes place from May 13 to 22, at BH Shopping, with more than 160 hours of diverse programming and many special attractions. The organization’s expectation of the largest literary event in Minas Gerais is to attract 150,000 visitors. There will be 60 publishing houses with dozens of authors and thousands of books. The initiative is carried out by the Minas Gerais Book Chamber and the Asas Group and has the institutional support of the Minas Gerais State Department of Culture and Tourism (Secult). The segmentation of programming by interest into 11 thematic axes, with an experiential station, is unprecedented and involves the participation of recognized entities: Fundação Dom Cabral, Academia Mineira de Letras, Instituto Pró-Livro, Instituto Fernando Sabino, Public Library of the State of Minas Gerais, Longevity Network, Hospital de Olhos Foundation, Sinepe/MG, Municipal Culture Foundation, among others.

The proposal is to encourage reading, especially in the most vulnerable communities, promoting the economic chain of books. The Bienal also has the support of the state government, through the State Department of Education, Culture and Tourism of Minas Gerais and the Municipal Department of Education of the Municipality of Belo Horizonte, promoting an intense policy to democratize access to cultural activities. and educational, with the distribution of more than 89 thousand tickets to teachers and students in the public network.

The theme of the ten days of the program is “O Reencontro é Real”, aiming to insert the state in the national cultural circuit and in the circuit of increased learning, transforming Belo Horizonte into the Brazilian capital of literature. The activities will be opportunities to disseminate reading, promote books, strengthen relationships between readers and authors and stimulate the generation of new business.

For the Secretary of State for Culture and Tourism of Minas Gerais, Leônidas Oliveira, “the book and the reading have the function of bringing knowledge, they broaden our view of the world. It brings inner growth and change. A book fair like the Bienal Mineira is the opportune environment for people to meet with authors, reflections. Create connections, open horizons. It will be beautiful days where thought will be praised. Where the book, so old and newer every day, will be the main element, as a way to transform the world for the better. We need, especially at this moment, to democratize public policies on books and reading. Revitalize the post-pandemic and, nothing better than reading, to discover the new world that presents us and, thus, be better and happier “, highlights the holder of Secult, who will minister, on May 20th (Friday) , at 6 pm, a lecture on the Week of Modern Art, having the influence of Minas in the modernist movement as a starting point.

The Minas Gerais State Public Library believes in the Mineira do Livro Biennial as an initiative to encourage democratic access to reading and literature, covering different age groups and audiences and observing the inclusion and accessibility of people with visual impairments.

The CEO of Grupo Asas, Marcus Ferreira, explains that it is one of the main national literary initiatives with representative authors in a space of 15,000 mtwo at BH Shopping. “The face-to-face resumption of the Bienal Mineira do Livro has a comprehensive cultural and educational content, including attractions for readers of different age groups. We want to contribute to the development of each reader’s critical capacity, background knowledge and cultural repertoire, encouraging the habit of reading”, she says.

The program features dozens of cultural and educational activities to train readers and intensify the reading habit. One of the differentials is the innovation with the segmentation of programming by trends in literary meetings and the participation of large entities from Minas Gerais and Brazil, responsible for the curatorship of 11 thematic axes, providing a better service to all age groups:

Business Space – Curatorship: Fundação Dom Cabral – promotion of activities for training, updating and enriching business practice among managers of the book economic chain: publishers, bookstores, distributors and suppliers.

More Age, More Books – Curatorship: Rede Longevidade – meeting of the 60+ public and the personalities of works focused on topics for discussion, involving the aging of Brazilians and the urgent adaptations/changes to physical environments, the consumer market, services, customs, social and cultural relations.

Literary Cafe – Curatorship: Academia Mineira de Letras, with the special participation of Rogério Faria Tavares – lectures and conversation circles with authors. Meetings between adult audiences and writers for discussions on various topics in literature, creative processes, books, trends, daily life and global issues.

Book Connection – Curatorship: Grupo Asas – axis that seeks the affirmation of bibliodiversity. The activities will involve conversations, presentations and experiences for the reader to meet authors, personalities and discuss topics such as: empathy, humanities, environment, public policies, equity, sports in general, accessibility, diversity, background knowledge and cultural repertoire.

Space I Child – Curatorship: Câmara Mineira do Livro – cultural and educational actions for visitors from 0 to 12 years old and their companions with authors and storytellers. The interactions approach literary works available in the initiative, valuing the book as a disseminator of children’s and young people’s stories.

Living Library – Curatorship: Instituto Pró-Livro – training and updating activities for librarians and/or professionals responsible for libraries and/or reading rooms. Participants will have access to research, proving the efficiency of reading in increasing the learning of children and young people, as well as best practices to balance collection, physical space, management and mediation.

Education meeting – Curatorship: Union of Private Schools of Minas Gerais (Sinepe/MG), Secretary of State for Education of Minas Gerais and Municipal Secretary of Education of Belo Horizonte – training and updating activities for educators, pedagogical coordinators and professionals, focused on social transformation through reading, expansion of the cultural repertoire and encouragement of purposeful education, presenting educators and reading mediators with successful cases to encourage reading.

Words With Seasoning – Curated: Instituto Fernando Sabino and Grupo Asas – entertainment space for families, involving theater, poetry, audiovisual and music. In this axis, the activity Prose and Singing in Biennial, with ten moments, one per night, in which the Bienal’s honored writer, Olavo Romano, will receive 10 very special guests. The author’s stories will be presented by him, interspersed with the best quality Minas Gerais singing.

Schools at the Bienal. One of the most important axes of the Bienal. It has special preparation to serve 72,000 students and educators from public schools in the state and city of Belo Horizonte.

Minas Gerais Cuisine in Prose and Verse. Curatorship: Sebrae Minas. Collection of works by authors and authors of guides and books on Minas Gerais cuisine, with special attention to products created and marketed by small entrepreneurs. Tourism in Minas, Conquer Stories. Selection of books, guides, works and digital platforms with records and itineraries of tourist and cultural attractions in Minas Gerais to promote the economic chain of tourism in the state. The two axes will be launched during the on-site Bienal and will receive content contributions during the Bienal’s virtual and itinerant activities, until December 2022.

Living Station Inclusive Reading – Curatorship: Minas Gerais State Public Library and Hospital de Olhos Foundation – space for sharing experiences, knowledge and teaching materials, as a reading opportunity for people with special needs.

free tickets

Bienal 2022 has already distributed more than 89 thousand free tickets to educators and students from Minas Gerais. The distribution is the result of a partnership with the Minas Gerais State Department of Education, with 20,000 tickets for teachers and 40,000 for students. Another partnership was established with the Belo Horizonte Municipal Department of Education to distribute 20,000 tickets to the network’s students and another 2,000 to educators. The initiative also has the support of the state private network, through the Union of Private Schools of Minas Gerais (Sinepe/MG), with the distribution of 2,000 tickets to managers of 200 private schools in the capital.

Minas Gerais Book Biennial 2022
Theme: “The Reunion is Real”
Date: May 13 to 22, 2022
Ticket – R$20 (full price) and R$10 (half price) – Tickets can now be purchased by purchase online at the link https://bienalmineiradolivro.com.br/compre-seu-ingresso/
Local: BH Shopping, Parking Floor Ouro Preto – BR 356, nº 3049 – Bairro Belvedere
Schedule: www.bienalmineiradolivro.com.br

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