Montaner publishes “Tango” to recover a “sheathed” universal genre

This content was published on May 24, 2022 – 18:38

Miami, May 24 (EFE).- Singer-songwriter Ricardo Montaner undertook the challenge of recording the album “Tango” with the premise not only of paying off a promise to his Argentine family but also of recovering a “universal genre” that has been “unfairly shelved,” he said on Tuesday.

In a virtual press conference, Montaner explained that with this album of versions that he publishes today, he wants his followers to know that this historic musical genre from the River Plate runs through his blood, present in his DNA since his childhood years in his home in the town of Buenos Aires. by Valentín Alsina, cradle of tango in Argentina.

“(With this album) I seek to make people know where I come from, where I come from and where my love of music comes from,” said the singer, who built a large part of his career in Venezuela.

“Caminito”, “Nada”, “El Día Que me Quieras” and “La Última Copa” are some of the eleven songs that make up the album to which that indisputable figure of the romantic songbook in Spanish has given voice.

Montaner wants to bring this genre back to the present, which almost by definition “goes to the nostalgic, to abandonment”.

“It doesn’t seem fair to me that such a rich and cultural genre is shelved,” alleged the interpreter of “Tan in love”, who today will premiere a documentary on his YouTube channel that will detail what was the recording process of this album that, recognized, it meant emotional moments and even tears.

In the studio he returned to his childhood years, in which he sang typical themes of the genre during family lunches, with the approval of his father and grandfather, the latter calling him the “Gardel of the family”.

“The album takes you down a sensitive road, painful at times, and hopeful as well”, said the musician about this album for which he was accompanied by a typical tango orchestra.

For the sake of authenticity, he recorded it on analog tape.

The first advance of this album was the emblematic song “El día que me feliz”, the video of which was recorded in the iconic “Café De Los Angelitos” in Buenos Aires, a place that has been part of the history of tango since the end of the 19th century.


After almost 40 years of musical career during which he has written and published more than 300 songs, and which has earned him a Latin Grammy Award for Musical Excellence, the singer said today that he is publishing “Tango” in a “stage of maturity ideal”.

“I had never taken it as seriously as now,” he explained about a long-standing personal project that was an “attractive challenge” for him but for which he preferred to wait until “he was mature enough as an artist to do it.”

It also helped to have the freedom that having his own record label has meant for two years, which gives him the independence to get involved in projects that he would not have been able to fulfill otherwise.

“I am the only one responsible for what I do, that gives me peace of mind to do what I always wanted,” deepened the interpreter of “The top of the sky” and who already has a second part of this album planned, in which he would work after his next album of unreleased songs that he plans to publish next year.

Embarked this year on an international tour that will cover Latin America and then Europe, the singer-songwriter has in mind to dedicate a tour to this brand-new album, but only for theaters and small venues.


The freedom that having his own record company gives him allows him to take a closer look at another long-cherished project, such as publishing compendiums with the ten best romantic songs of all time from each country, as he revealed today.

“It’s something very big and wonderful for me that even many vibrate with songs from 30 years ago, I’m grateful to God that I’m still alive musically,” the singer-songwriter acknowledged.

The musician, who has just become a grandfather after the birth of Indigo, the result of the union of his daughter Evaluna and the Colombian singer Camilo, has a docuseries pending on Disney+ that delves into the bowels of the Montaner family.

As revealed today, in the coming days the streaming platform will announce the premiere date of the first chapters of “Los Montaner”, which “are already recorded and edited”. EFE



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