Moon Knight Who is Layla? Is Layla Marlene Alraune? This is the true identity of Layla Marvel series

The second chapter of moon knight stirred up the pace of the new Marvel series, showing not only Marc Spector, but also Moon Knight in action and even Mr. Knight – to a degree. But one of the most relevant aspects was the presentation of Layla El Faoulythe mysterious woman who left multiple missed calls on the mercenary’s phone.

— SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen the episode and don’t want to know details of the plot, stop reading this article here—

The character played by May Calamawy He had only let his voice be heard in the first episode of the Disney + production, so his face was only revealed in the installment that arrived on streaming this Wednesday, April 6.

And with it came surprises: in this television fiction, Layla turns out to be Marc Spector’s wife.who apart from showing his concern for the mercenary is also looking for him because he wants him to sign the divorce papers.

After tracking his phone, instead of Spector, Layla meets Steven Grantthe seller of the gift box from the London museum, who has a very different personality from her husband’s, also doesn’t understand anything of what is happening, because he doesn’t recognize her either.

A puzzled Layla asks “her Marc” to stop acting. But, after surviving a new attack on Grant and asking him to summon the suit, gives lights of recognizing him as a different personality from her husband. Although this has not yet been developed.

moon knight: Who is Layla El-Faouly?

At the moment, fans are still in the field of speculation, but there are some possibilities. First, Layla could be an alternate version of Marc Spector’s love interestknown in the comics as marlene alraune and created specifically for this series.

Another possibility is that Layla El-Faouly is just an alias or alternate identitynot in psychological terms like Marc/Steven but as a protection resource to hide from the consequences of previous incidents in his life and his real identity EN marlene alraune.

Moon Knight: Who is Marlene Alraune?

Marlene is the daughter of Dr. Peter Alraune, a noted archaeologist.. She has a college degree in Art History and was previously married to Eric Fontaine, although their marriage was short-lived because it ended quickly, for reasons that remain unknown.

Marlene’s father spent five years searching for the most diverse Egyptian archaeological objects, in Sudan south of the Egyptian border. AND While Marlene was helping him, Dr. Alrune discovered the tomb of Pharaoh Seti II, near the town of Selima.

Raoul Bushman, a terrorist and mercenary active in that territory, learned of the discovery and decided to attack archaeological research, a task that he completed by recruiting Marc Spector.

Since Peter didn’t want to give the tomb to Bushman, the terrorist decided to kill him to put pressure on the rest of the team to give him the loot. Before such an act, Spector reacts seeking to protect Marlene and hitting Bushman, who furiously launches a counterattack that leaves Marc mortally wounded.and then kills everyone in the place except for Marlene and Spector’s friend Frenchie, after a local decides to hand over the location of the grave.

Dying, Marc manages to crawl to the tomb of Khonshu, where he makes contact with the god and agrees get his life back in exchange for becoming a Moon Knight to fulfill the will of the deity.

Later, Marlene begins to fall in love with Spector and both return to the United States, where settled in New York, the mercenary will begin to use the identity of Moon Knight to fight crime..

Peter’s daughter then becomes Spector’s confidant and encourages him to fulfill his vested potential as the superhero. While he begins to occupy his identity of Steven Grant to obtain financing and that of Jack Lockley, with the idea of ​​​​gathering information at the level of the street routine.

These events are described in detail in the comics arc of moon knight published as a compiled volume in 2018 and known as Birth and deathpart 4 and part 5, written by Jeff Lemire, illustrated by Greg Smallwood, and colors by Jordie Bellaire.

moon knight premieres its chapters every Wednesday and can be seen exclusively on Disney +.

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