More offspring & new love for Martin?!

They still have “mountain doctor”-Fans couldn’t quite digest the end of this year’s season. For hardly any fan favorite, the finale did not cause complete chaos of emotions! We remember: Anne decided to leave the Gruberhof and Martin. Franziska packed Johann and her suitcase to start over in the USA. Martin collapsed. Lilli caught a glimpse behind Robert’s mask. And Linn met her father, which threw her completely off course.

So it’s no wonder that the screenwriters now have their hands full to cheer up our favorite Ellmau and Gruberhof residents in season 16 and get them back on the right track! Not only the spectators are excited to see how things will continue with Martin and Co., but also the actors themselves, as Andrea Gerhard reveals on Instagram.

“Bergdoktor” season 16: offspring & new love for Martin?

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There, the “Linn” actress has now published a photo alongside Dominic Raacke, who, as it turned out in the last season finale, embodies her series father Paul. When shooting for season 16 began at the end of May 2022, the 38-year-old added hashtags such as “anticipation” and “excitement” and wrote to her fans: “Family Portrait. And there they are: Paul, played by the grandiose Dominic Raacke, & Linn. Father & Daughter. Linn wasn’t too excited about the first meeting… What do you guys think? What’s behind it? What do you think of the two of them & what would you like for Season 16 from the two of them? I’m so excited to see yours ideas & I am really looking forward to working with Dominic.”

Andrea’s followers did not allow themselves to be asked for answers and guesses for a long time. All of them agree on one point: “There will be drama.” Only the reason for the father-daughter rift is being discussed diligently on Instagram. For example, one user thinks: “He used to have an affair with Linn’s best friend, she never forgave him for that”, while another writes: “Could be that Linn’s mother was seriously ill and he couldn’t handle it and shied away from responsibility…” Still, most seem confident about the outcome of the storyline: “Linn will forgive her father.”

Also interesting:

A speculation that actress Andrea is quite fond of is one that also aims at Martin’s love happiness after the separation from Anne: “Who knows, maybe Linn’s sisters will also appear? That would be something … And one of the Sisters meets Martin unknown!” The mimin reacts enthusiastically to this suggestion: “Ha! The sisters too! Pure surplus of women – I love the idea!”

However, could she have spoiled something about the plot of season 16 herself? In her story, she also referred to the photo with her colleague, writing “The tension at the ‘Bergdoktor’ is increasing… And the family is growing!” An indication that the main cast will be expanded to include Dominic Raacke? Or is it the suggestion that soon more than two Kempers will make Ellmau unsafe? Or – and that would certainly cause all sorts of chaos – will Linn and Hans or Susanne and Paul even have offspring?!

We are excited! What about season 16 Everything is still known, you can find out here:

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