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The most read news of the week in EL CARRO COLOMBIANO, are summarized in this new top 5: industry issues and prototypes.

The Russian automotive industry is being transformed from the current conflict with Ukraine. One of the consequences is the even more limited access to supplies, that led Lada to restart its production but with ‘zero tech’ cars: ‘top 1’ of the week.

Important news for the Colombian automotive sector was released this week, and it has to do with the cancellation of the 2022 edition of the Bogotá Auto Show. The lack of vehicles display and sell was the main reason for this decision.

We will also talk about the American Scout line of SUVs, which will soon be revived by Volkswagen with a electric pick-ups and SUVs. The hypothetical Jeep Comanche 2023 to face Maverick and Toyota Land Cruiser in the style of the J60are two other issues.

5. Bogota Motor Show 2022, canceled due to lack of cars

Waiting for an official statement by the organized, was made known by colleagues from the Motor Magazine about cancellation of the Bogotá Auto Show for this year. The reason would basically be given by the lack of units to sell and exhibit.

Two years ago the pandemic was the reason for the cancellation of the event, at that time mobility restrictions, biosafety regulations and social distancing were at their highest point, so the The last edition was held in 2018.

This time, the postponement was not directly due to the pandemic, but rather the effects generated by it, such as the shortage of microcomponents and intermittent vehicle production worldwide. Most likely, then, is that the Bogota Motor Show can return in 2024.


volkswagen scout renders

4. This is what the Scout SUVs would look like, now under the direction of VW

Scout It was the name of a popular SUV that was sold in the late 1960s and 1980s in the United States and other countries around the world, such as Colombia. Now, Volkswagen announced that the name would be used in a electric pick-ups and SUVs.

The plans will be carried out thanks to the fact that the German automotive group acquired in 2020 a International Harvester, the parent company of Scout, and owns all rights to it. Volkswagen wants to consolidate its presence in North Americaand this would be one way.

According to renderings TopElectric SUVthat both the truck and the utility will combine a style modern and futuristicgiven its electrical concept, but rescuing some elements original scout retro. The square lines on the pick-up are reminiscent of the Rivian R1T.


jeep comanche render

3. This is a Jeep Comanche brought back from the ’90s to take on Ford Maverick.

Speaking of the recent boom in compact trucks, especially in America, we came across this hypothetical model of a Jeep Comanche 2023. An independent designer adapted it to the current market trends.

If it’s not a familiar name, Comanche was a pick-up variant of the SUV Jeep Cherokee, produced between 1984 and 1992. It has now been resurrected in a digital projections that propose the vehicle as competition for the popular Ford Maverick.

The renders clearly show amodern adaptation and sporty style, retaining the familiarity with recent Cherokee builds, especially at its front end. The pictures show it in a single cab configuration.


Toyota Land Cruiser J60 styling kit

2. Toyota Land Cruiser and Prado are dressed in the style of the classic J60: ‘retro’ kit

The Japanese trainer Flex Dream presented the range of customization applicable to different generations of Toyota Landcruiser. The concept of the design kit is based on the J60 look which had its glorious years in the 1980s.

The company reported that the retro package can be applied to versions of Land Cruiser such as the J80 from 1990, the J90 Prado from 1996 and the J100 from 1999. which can be configured with round or square headlights, and chrome grille or black finish, as main distinctive.

They retain their original chassis and engine, but are offeredNo lift kits that allow to improve the suspension in favor of increasing off-road capabilities. The most expensive conversion costs ones $27,000 dollars (more than 100 million COP pesos).


Lada Granta 2023 rendering

1. Lada will resume production, but with ‘zero technology’ cars: this is what they would look like

After an extensive suspension and the departure of Renault as its largest shareholder, the Russian manufacturer Lada restarts its activities, but in a different way. I would go back to producing cars with the minimum of electronic components and old engines type Euro II.

Thus, it would have as a novelty an extremely simplified vehicle, based on the Lada Granta subcompact that will lose much of your electronic equipment (ABS, airbags, multimedia) and will have an engine from the ’90s, categorized with outdated environmental standards.

the russian portal Kolesafaithful to his usual elaboration of ‘renders’, imagined what the Lada Granta 2023 could look like in its simplest version. According to the proposal, which could be very close to reality, these cars would have bumpers in black plastic and sheet wheels without cups.


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