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Hello, young mystical readers of Glá! Among the new customs and learning that came with this difficult period of pandemic and social isolation was the habit of reading. At least for some people, escaping reality, or delving deeper into it, was a way to relieve the long days.

Voracious readers are faced with the difficult task of choosing what to read. Fiction? Non-fiction? Self help? Anyway, there are many options within these genres, but today we came to bring the proposal of a new style of reading: the mystical books!

For many, self-knowledge has become an essential everyday tool – between meditation, religion, tales and stories that help to bring out the power of our feminine. These books can help many women to go deeper into the journey of self-knowledge, whether through spells or birth charts. In the struggle to find our wild woman, anything goes! Check out the list of five mystical-themed books below.

The Book of Spells for New Witches

#MulherBacanaLê: 5 mystical books to venture into — Photo: Disclosure

The “Book of Spells for New Witches” is a perfect example of mysticism, and a great example for this compilation, because if there is a stereotype of a “mystical theme” it involves spells and witches. This book is a guide to “accessing the magic inside you and transforming your life”. Yes, it really does have several spells and charms for love life, career or money and prosperity, written by an eclectic and traveling witch, Ambrosia Hawthorn, born in California, United States. (Sextant Publisher, BRL 48)

The Complete Guide to Astrology

#MulherBacanaLê: 5 mystical books to venture into — Photo: Disclosure

“Do you believe in signs?”. Perhaps this is one of the top questions asked in conversations these days. “The Complete Guide to Astrology” is perfect for delving into this subject. This book is (almost) everything you need to understand the universe of astrology, all its secrets, details, information and complexities. With this, you will be able to interpret your birth chart, that of your friends and family. And of course, crush! This book, for those who believe in the power of the stars, is one of the ways to bet on self-knowledge and observe the energies of the different days of the week. (Sextant Publisher, BRL 40)

Women, Myths and Goddesses: The Feminine Through the Ages

#MulherBacanaLê: 5 mystical books to venture into — Photo: Disclosure

This 2019 book, “Women, Myths, and Goddesses: The Feminine Through the Ages,” by author and sociologist Martha Robles, explores how women have been viewed and represented over the decades. Citing folklore, mythology and the social sciences, these pages chronicle the complexities of figures ranging from Simone de Beauvoir to Cinderella and explain how their personalities and the dilemmas they lived through reveal what is feminine. Analysis of tales and myths are some of the tools to deal with this resignification. (Editor Goya, BRL 45)

Women who run with the wolves

#MulherBacanaLê: 5 mystical books to venture into — Photo: Disclosure

“Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype”, this is perhaps one of the best known books on this list, written by Jungian analyst Clarissa Pinkola Estés. Like the previous book, the pages of this issue are divided between myths, legends and tales that reflect some complexities of women, such as self-knowledge, intuition and psychological reflections on these stories, in order to identify the essence of the feminine and the inner potency of women. every woman. Where’s your wild woman? “Women Who Run With Wolves” helps you find it. (Publisher Rocco, BRL 35)

#MulherBacanaLê: 5 mystical books to venture into — Photo: Disclosure

The last book on this list is by the author Reginaldo Prandi and was published in 2001. Prandi is a sociologist and compiled a compilation of myths and tales of the orixás’ religion. The gods of this belief are contemplated in the pages of “Mythology of the Orixás”, with stories about Oxum and Iemanjá, for example. This book is known as one of the most complete books on the orixás, with images and illustrations by the artist Pedro Rafael. For those curious about religions, it’s worth the read! (Publisher Companhia das Letras, BRL 44)

#MulherBacanaLê: 6 mystical books to venture into — Photo: Disclosure

The book “Shamanic Letters”, written by Jamie Sams and David Carson, reveals how Native American knowledge indicates a path to healing and wholeness. The authors, initiated in shamanism, associate animal behavior patterns with life lessons, which help human beings to become more intuitive and connected to nature. The work analyzes 44 animals and their symbolism. (Rocco Publisher, BRL 67)

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