Netflix fans are counting on Season 2

Simone Ashley and Charithra Chandran in the second season of Bridgerton.Image: Netflix

“Bridgerton” is also chasing records with season two on Netflix: According to the industry magazine “Deadline”, the new episodes were streamed 193 million hours worldwide on the weekend after the release alone. A total of 251.7 million hours were spent on Season 2 over the past seven days. Only “Squid Game” started better, but quite clearly: The hit from Korea was streamed 571.8 million hours globally in the first week.

However, the new episodes are also attracting criticism for several reasons. Many viewers don’t like the fact that the number of sex scenes has been reduced, while journalist Dhvani Solani on “Vice” denounced the portrayal of Indian culture: “For a country that has been devastated by colonial rule, it almost seems like a Funny that our colonial past is being whitewashed like this,” writes the Indian author in her article. The background is the incorporation of the new characters Kate and Edwina Sharma, which she didn’t see very well.

Meanwhile, on “Reddit” the female characters of the second season are generally viewed critically, or more precisely: The relationships between the female figures.

“Bridgerton”: Fan criticism of female characters

In his post, the thread creator on the platform specifically examines the following relationships:

  • Kate/Edwina
  • Penelope/Eloise
  • Daphne/Eloise

“The authors keep emphasizing that romance is not the only love story. There are also love stories between friends and siblings. But where was that?” asks a Reddit user. The aforementioned “pairings” obviously didn’t convince him and he judges that season two even has a fundamental problem with its female characters:

“I’m so upset with how different the female characters on the show are compared to their book characters. They all come across as gross and unlikable.”

The problem does not exist with the men from the series, the writer finds and says in the direction of the Netflix authors: “They seem to aim for male siblings to bond better than female siblings.”

And the user is by no means alone with this opinion. For example, the user “singingmylife” confirms: “No woman is allowed to have a loving relationship. Eloise is absolutely mad at Daphne. Kate and Edwina don’t appear to be close, and then we add Mary, who wasn’t allowed to play a role. The Featheringtons have no warmth. And yes, the Pen/Eloise relationship is full of manipulation and lies.” Another fan went as far as calling Eloise the “worst-written character” of the entire series.

“ChrisEvansFan” finally emphasizes again on “Reddit”, that the connection between Edwina and Kate in the book is a “magical aspect”. – why this is suddenly different in the show seems to be inexplicable for this viewer.

“Bridgerton”: Does Netflix put a stronger focus on men?

Kate Sharma and Anthony Bridgerton are getting closer.

Kate Sharma and Anthony Bridgerton are getting closer.Setup: ap / Liam Daniel

The user “maevewileys” also sees it as making it easier for the audience to sympathize with the male “Bridgerton” characters. He thinks that their backgrounds are explained better, not least: “I love Anthony and Jonny [Darsteller Jonathan Bailey, Anm. d. Red.] is absolutely spectacular, but it’s really annoying that Anthony is the only one who gets flashbacks. We understand why he is the way he is, we understand how much his father meant to him. Kate is also a main character, but she doesn’t get anything. There are only a few conversations about her father.

At this point we come full circle with the criticism of “Vice” author Dhvani Solani, who would also like to know more about Kate and Edwina, especially about their cultural identity.


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