Netflix, Prime, HBO Max and Disney+ premieres for April 2022

The last season of ‘Better Call Saul’, the complete collection with the 25 James Bond movies, the Oscar-winning documentary, the new Batman movie and the return of series like ‘Russian Doll’ or ‘Flight Attendant’.

S6-1 Better Call Saul (Netflix)

Series – April 19

Many say that this cleave from breaking badfocused on the story of Saul Goodman before he became Walter White’s lawyer and money launderer, it is much better than the original series. The verdict will be known at the end of this season, the last of the series. These chapters, however, are not definitive. As the platforms now tend to divide the last seasons into two parts, this is just a preview of the end.

Batman (HBOMax)

Movie – April 19

After being in theaters around the world for several weeks, and receiving good reviews from critics, the new Batman movie, directed by Matt Reeves and starring Robert Pattison (as the Batman) and Zoe Kravitz, comes to streaming (as Catwoman). In this new version of one of the most popular superheroes -much more detective than the previous ones-, Batman must face the Penguin and the Riddler.

The 25 James Bond Movies (Prime Video)

Movies – April 8

After Amazon Prime Video acquired the production company MGM, it was a matter of time before the platform announced the complete collection of 25 James Bond films. The time has come. Starting this month, fans will be able to see all the films of Agent 007, played throughout history by Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. A catalog to spend whole days in front of the screen.

Summer of Soul… or when the revolution could not be televised (Star+)

Documentary – April 1

The award-winning production for best documentary during the most recent Oscar awards. It is a film by Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson that thoroughly investigates what happened during (and after) the 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival, which was held in Mount Morris Park for six weeks and featured artists like Stevie Wonder and Nina Simon. An epic, but underrated event for years, that celebrated African-American history, culture and fashion.

Tokyo Vice (HBO Max)

Series – April 7

The new HBO series, based on a book of the same name by Jake Adelstein, follows the story of an American journalist, recently arrived in Japan, who in the late 1990s begins to delve deeper and deeper into corruption, crime and sordid Tokyo underworld, where no one is who they seem to be. Everything, from the hand of a police detective who welcomes him as his friend.

Outside range (main video)

Series – April 15

The new and promising Amazon Prime Video series is a suspense starring Josh Brolin, Lili Taylor and Imogen Poots. It tells the story of the patriarch of a family of Wyoming ranchers who comes across an inexplicable event on his farm: a huge hole that cannot be the work of any human being. The arrival of a homeless woman who feels an inexplicable connection with that hole and some mysterious symbols, triggers a series of even stranger events.

A Quiet Place Part 2 (Star+)

Movie – April 8

The first film in this saga was a critical and commercial success. Its premise was simple: in a dystopian future, people must live hidden speaking sign language and in complete silence, since the world is populated by blind monsters, but with extraordinary hearing ability that hunt human beings. This second film, originally released in 2020, follows the survivors of the Abbot family in their fight against the creatures, after discovering their weak point.

S4-2Ozark (Netflix)

Series – April 29

The end of this series about a financier who, to save his life and that of his family, agrees to launder a large sum of money for a powerful Mexican drug trafficker. The last chapters will answer the questions that are still open about the plot and will show if the Byrdes make it out alive from the problem they have been in since the story began.

T2 The Flight Attendant (HBO Max)

Series – April 22

Until recently, it was thought that the previous one would be the only season of this mystery series, starring Kaley Cuoco. And with good reason: in the last chapter it was discovered who had killed Alex and why he had woken up dead along with the protagonist, the alcoholic stewardess Cassandra Bowden. But the nine Emmy nominations and rave reviews from critics convinced the creators to return for another season. Will he repeat the success?

S2 The Pack (Prime Video)

Series – April 22

This Chilean series, based on an event that occurred in Spain, puts its finger on the topic of sexual abuse in young people and adolescents. It follows the story of a group of police officers who try to find the culprits of the gang rape of a 17-year-old feminist girl who went viral due to a video posted on the internet. In the investigation they discover that the suspects are part of a chat called ‘The pack of wolves’.

S2 Russian Doll (Netflix)

Series – April 20

One of the most surprising series of 2019 was this American production about a woman who is trapped on the same day as her birthday in a time loop that always ends the same: she dies at the end of the party. In this second season, and after discovering that she is not the only one with that peculiarity, she will find herself involved in an intergenerational adventure in which time loses all meaning.

Polar quota (Disney+)

Movie – April 22

This film, one of Disney’s most ambitious productions for this month, follows a polar bear, a new mother, who must go through motherhood in the increasingly difficult world that the bears of her species face due to the melting of arctic ice. The crew that made this film had to set up camp 300 miles from the North Pole, navigate virtually impassable blizzards and scour fragile sea ice for unprecedented footage.

The Marilyn Monroe Mystery: The Unreleased Tapes (Netflix)

Documentary – April 27

The tragic death of Marilyn Monroe generated all kinds of rumors and conspiracies for decades. This documentary reconstructs the last days of her life using unpublished recordings in which the Hollywood icon actress speaks with her closest friends. Through these conversations, the film reveals the most intimate side of a glamorous, talented and complicated life, and shows another perspective of the fateful night of her death.

The Baby (HBO Max)

Series – April 24

This horror comedy, with only eight episodes, displays great mastery when it comes to treating the story of a woman who runs away from motherhood in a crude and ironic way. The protagonist, Natasha, is 38 years old and desperate that all her friends and acquaintances are getting pregnant or having a child. She ends up finding her own baby, but everything ends in an absurdity: the child, tender but manipulative, becomes her worst horror.

Animating stories (Disney+)

Series – April 27

Disney drew on its wonderful and rich history of animation to bring out this documentary series about the magic of creating characters for the big screen. Each episode tells the story of an animator who teaches the audience how to draw an emblematic character from a movie made by the studio. Each artist has a particular story about how he came to Disney and about his relationship with the character they drew.

Laura Pausini: Nice to Meet You (Prime Video)

Documentary – April 7

The Italian pop idol singer tells her story and lets the audience take a look at her private life, her family and her passions. But it is not just any documentary, through the resource of fiction and acting (of her and her family), Pausini tries to answer a recurring question in her life: what would have happened if she did not win the Music Festival of San Remo in 1993, which catapulted her to worldwide fame?

Venom: Let There Be Carnage (HBO Max)

Movie – April 23

This 2021 film is the sequel to Poisonthe popular film about the villain of Spiderman that has led the cinematographic universe of the arachnid man in Sony Pictures. In this case, Eddie Brock and Venom face Carnage, another symbiote that is on the loose on the streets of the city. Starring Tom Hardy, it takes place just before the events of Spiderman: No way homealthough in another universe.

Primate (Prime Video)

Series – April 1

This Colombian series, starring Christian Tappan, tells the story of William, a famous television heartthrob with the spirit of an eternal youth, who finally crashes into reality when he realizes that he is 48 years old, suffers from diabetes, is separated and has to move in with her best friend and her fiancé. It will be released throughout Latin America by Amazon Prime Video.

Nate, better late than never (Disney+)

Movie – April 1

A 13-year-old teenager dreams of acting on Broadway, but luck doesn’t seem to be on his side as he can’t even get a part in his school plays. One day, just when his parents go on a trip, he decides to run away with her best friend and they go to New York, convinced of his great dream. The story is based on a successful novel of the same name by Tim Federle.

Peter the Flaky (Netflix)

Series – April 1

It is one of the most successful Colombian telenovelas of all time, produced by Caracol Televisión and starring Miguel Varoni in the early 2000s. Netflix adds it to its catalog hoping it will be as successful as it is. Ugly Bettythe new version of Woman-fragranced coffee The New rich, new poorthat have remained for months at the top of the most viewed productions on the platform.

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