Netflix tells 150 workers: “This is as far as we’ve come!”

1. Musk and Twitter, with their nails sharpened by false accounts

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The “novel” of Elon Musk and his bid to take over Twitter is starting to get a bit tedious. Nothing materializes and everything is getting entangled almost at the end of the operation.

This week, the tycoon demanded from the little bird platform “proof” that false accounts are less than 5% of the total in the social network to go ahead with the purchase of the company, which fuels doubts about the purchase, valued at nearly $44 billion.

Musk He claimed that Parag Agrawal, CEO of the network, “publicly refused to show evidence” that fake and spam accounts represent less than 5% of the total.

These dalliances of Musk they are costing Twitter a lot of money in the stock market, to the point of speculation that they may be haggling over the price to pay less for the network.

Why don’t they stop “little things” and finish the operation now?

2. Netflix tells 150 workers “This is as far as we’ve come!

The fact of losing 200,000 subscribers It has already begun to take its toll on the Netflix environment. The streaming pioneer had to lay off 150 workers, mostly at its US headquarters, following this worldwide loss of users.


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The departure of these employees continues to spread the bad omens about the platform, since just a month ago its listing on wall street fell 36%.

And the future of the platform does not look good at all, given the proliferation of similar services such as Amazon Prime, HBO Max and Paramount+, to name a few, would lose, according to experts, another two million users, of the 220 million it currently has in the world.

The red N of Netflix it looks redder and redder. That’s why you have to wish the dean of streaming better luck.

3. And if it rains on Netflix, it doesn’t clear on Amazon

It is not precisely technical or economic aspects that compel amazonbut social. Today he is in the eye of the hurricane for allegedly discriminating against pregnant women and disabled people.

The state of New York has filed a lawsuit against Amazon, which it accuses of discriminating against pregnant workers and people with disabilities by denying them reasonably adapted spaces, Governor Kathy Hochul announced.

According to New York Division of Human RightsAmazon policy allows workplace managers to override recommendations made to make work easier for these employees.

Amazon workers

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Another part of the complaint states that workers with disabilities are forced to take unpaid medical leave, even when a reasonable accommodation has been identified that would allow them to continue to perform the essential functions of their position.

Hopefully amazon can find a way to solve these problems.

4. Ecuadorian girls, NASA awaits you

“Adventure awaits us”, says a very excited ellie to carl (the future Mr. Fredricksen) aboard an imaginary ship in an abandoned house in the 2009 film “Up.”

Well, adventure awaits ten Ecuadorian girls between nine and fifteen years old who will fulfill their dream and next August they will visit the Space Center of NASA in Houston (USA).

The initiative, called “She is an astronaut”, is developed by the Colombian organization She Is, with the support of the Ecuadorian foundation MWomen Without Limits, the Global Women Foundation (RAW) and UN Women.


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The participants are expected to visit Houston for a week, where they will continue their previous academic training with nine hours of classes a day, in addition to carrying out activities and meetings with astronauts, scientists, doctors and engineers from the POT.

Girls, dreams do come true. Fly high!

5. Cryptocurrencies, on Moody’s “radar”

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-23 at 4.10.14 PM

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The cryptocurrencies They are still in the crosshairs of the whole world, for better and for worse. Now, the rating agency Moody’s warns about its adoption or use.

According to Moody’sthe adoption of cryptocurrencies could lead to excessive fragmentation of the payment system and weaken financial stability.

The risk rating agency points out that cryptocurrencies facilitate inclusion and benefit countries with high percentages of the population not bankedbut warns that “this growing adoption of digital assets also puts macroeconomic stability at risk.”

Dear friends, think twice before diving into the world of cryptocurrencies.

6. A profitable metaverse


The metaverse, the new immersive virtual and social reality that knocks at your door

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Who would have thought twenty years ago that living a digital parallel life would be profitable? Well, it seems that it will be, and a lot.

According to a study by the firm Analysis Groupthe metaverse it could add $3 trillion to global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) a decade after its adoption.

The study compared the impact of metaverse technology – an immersive three-dimensional virtual environment shared between users via the Internet – with that of mobile phones on the economy.

According to AnalysisGroup, this technology could add 2.8% growth to the global economy.

Latin America would contribute to that growth 320,000 million dollars.

In short, silver is now made both in real life and in parallel.

7. Xbox Game Pass: Surprise gifts? What more to ask for!

microsoft and its line of Xbox consoles know very well that part of its success lies in giving great gifts to its customers.

This time, according to We are, There are two surprise titles that made it to the list of those that entered the platform in the second half of May.

Is about “Umurangi Generation”, from Origame Digital, and “Little Witch in the Woods”, from SK Telecom.

eye! warns that more surprises could come out there.


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