Netflix’s top 5 short movies in its ‘short-ass movies’ category

Netflix has just included in its catalog a category that has a surprising history behind it. Netflix’s new “short movies” option appears to be the answer to a near-accidental joke by Pete Davidson. During the most recent edition of the program saturday night livethe comedian commented to the rhythm of rap that “all I want are short movies.” And he did it using the play on words “short-ass movie”which caused laughter in the audience to what translated could be said: movies for restless asses. Also, the comment caused a fun debate on Twitter in which “the good old days of short movies” were recalled.

As unique and unexpected as it may seem, one of the commentators was Netflix. From one of your official accounts @NetflixIsaJokethe platform cited the saturday night live sketch Y replied “Good idea”. In addition, it included the link for a new category in its catalog. Precisely the one that compiles a movie collection with an average duration of ninety minutes or so. The name of the list? Of course short ass moviesundoubtedly as a way to celebrate not only Davidson’s joke but also the debate on social networks.

The list of releases includes all kinds of short movies on Netflix, perfect for a quick movie marathon of different genres and premises. All without having to spend long hours concentrating on a single film. And although the titles may vary from country to country, chances are you will find the perfect option for you. If you still can’t find the list in the catalog for your country, we recommend using the code 81603903 to find it.

If you are one of the lucky ones who can already access the new category of short Netflix movies without the need for the code, we leave you a list of five short movies that you will enjoy. Which is your favorite?

Stroke of luck

This bizarre suspense story builds on the well-known “home attack” trope. But this time, the premise reaches a much more awkward and twisted extreme. Not only encompasses the possibility of domestic violence. Also, the perception of how a crime is assimilated within what we consider private spaces. The combination provokes a peculiar vision of fear, despair and bewilderment with considerable effectiveness.

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