“Never expected to be forgotten here”

He was Germany’s first found “superstar”, now he mimics Jesus. In an interview with t-online, Alexander Klaws talks about the RTL event “Die Passion”, but quickly realizes what is going wrong in the real world.

Finally culture again. Live and in colour. For a long time, this was not possible due to the pandemic and legislation. Alexander Klaws, who went down in the history books of German pop culture as the first winner of DSDS in 2003, also had to suffer. Because the RTL performance of the most formative history of Christianity, the Easter story from the Bible, had to be put on the very long bench.

Now the singer and actor, who doesn’t really want to call himself that – more on that later – will still be allowed to play Jesus Christ. “The Passion” will take place, be performed in Essen and be broadcast by RTL on April 13 at 8:15 p.m. Hallelujah.

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t-online: You play Jesus Christ. Is there a bigger role?

Alexander Klaws: Not really, because of course this is a character that everyone, religious or not, has an opinion on. It will certainly polarize how I will play Jesus in “The Passion”. But it’s fine anyway.

Are you trying to annoy someone?

Under no circumstance! But of course we want to stimulate the audience’s own thinking. This story is about humanity, cohesion, solidarity, charity. We try to tell this old story in a modern way. I wear no robe or long hair. I will look like normal life.

Alexander Klaws: He wants to appear as normal as Jesus. (Source: RTL/Frank W Hempel)

So this will be an Easter story from 2022?

It is not detached from the Bible. We speak roughly the original text, but the setting is in the here and now, yes. We tell the oldest and greatest story. A story from yesterday, as Thomas Gottschalk once said, but for today.

What do you mean?

With regard to the current political situation, the Bible story is more relevant than ever.

Did you miss solidarity, cohesion and charity during the pandemic? The culture industry in particular was shaken…

Absolutely. If I can no longer hear a sentence, then it is from certain politicians that they will take care of all professional groups or that art will not be allowed to die. Those were nice sentences, but far too little was done.

You sound a bit sour.

Well, I’m not just talking about me, I’m talking about an entire industry, I’m talking about an entire profession that seemed irrelevant to politics. So much was said and told, but then nothing was done. I never thought it possible that in this country one could be forgotten.

Did you feel like this? To forget?

As part of the industry, I felt forgotten by politics. In any case. What pisses me off is that refueling is now supposed to be supported immediately. Politicians can act quickly. But so many cultural workers have received little or no help for a good two years.

What insight did you develop as a result?

That nobody can simply be forgotten. Basically, we should all move a little closer together to strengthen each other and not constantly point fingers at other people. As a society, we should think about the big picture again and show solidarity.

These are also values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are connected to the Easter story. “The Passion” was also a journey of biblical proportions. The project was announced back in early 2020, but nothing ever happened. what happened there?

Unfortunately it was canceled due to the pandemic. But we were in constant contact and the fact that the project would be completely eliminated was never really an issue. We had already rehearsed a lot in 2020. We all put too much heart and soul into sweeping that under the rug. We still haven’t overcome the pandemic, but we were finally able to plan something. Around 4,900 people are expected to attend the live event on Essen’s Burgplatz.

Alexander Klaws: The DSDS winner did not feel considered by politics as a cultural worker.  (Source: IMAGO / Joachim Sielski)Alexander Klaws: The DSDS winner did not feel considered by politics as a cultural worker. (Source: IMAGO / Joachim Sielski)

You have been singing, acting and moderating since DSDS. So all jobs that have suffered from Corona. What is your job title?

I am all of that. I will always be a musician. It’s the leitmotif of my career and music is the blood that runs through my veins. The nice thing is that I can switch between the divisions. Whenever I don’t feel like making music, I do something else. But we always need our drawers in Germany. Unfortunately, people cannot imagine that you can have multiple talents.

So you see yourself more as an entertainer than as a musician, singer, actor and/or moderator?

Exactly, because one does not exclude the other. Also: In the American sense, “actor” basically also means that you can sing. Every actor in America can sing. It’s almost part of the training.

But if you open the drawer, then in recent years you have primarily worked as an actor. Doesn’t music appeal to you so much at the moment?

It’s true that I’ve been acting more in recent years. I also play Winnetou in Bad Segeberg every summer. It’s always cool because there’s a lot of action. But I realize that I’m really hungry to sing again. Just because of the private things I’ve experienced. And when I was the plush monster on “The Masked Singer” … I realized that I missed being on stage and singing – even if people didn’t recognize me (laughs).

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