New book by Fausto Panicacci

The author of the novel The Island and the Mirror, Fausto Luciano Panicacci holds a Doctorate in Legal Sciences from the University of Minho (Portugal).  Graduated in Law (Largo São Francisco, USP), he studied Photography, Film History and Art History
The author of the novel The Island and the Mirror, Fausto Luciano Panicacci holds a Doctorate in Legal Sciences from the University of Minho (Portugal). Graduated in Law (Largo São Francisco, USP), he studied Photography, Film History and Art History

Meetings and disagreements

It all started on the corners of Cambridge. After being mistaken for a Lucca by a boy riding a bicycle, Theo B. is invited to meet his friends in a pub – where the real Lucca, an Italian photographer who was a war correspondent, was.

The physical resemblance between them was undeniable. Between a beer and another, Theo B. listens to each other’s stories and, by the end of the night, they all seemed like old friends.

It is from this eclectic group of friends that the central plot of The island and the mirror. Addressing themes such as xenophobia, refugee crisis, physical and moral aggression, plastic pollution, violence against women – and the way the characters behave in the face of these problems – the work teaches that “we are what we recognize in the other, what we do to the other, what we love in the other, what we forgive in the other, what we lose in the other”.

Meetings and disagreements…2

In an intimate narrative, the best-selling author reflects on human behavior in a plot permeated by identity crises, indecisions, successes and failures.

From the title, the new book by Fausto Panicacci, The island and the mirror, denotes the contradiction as a natural state of the human being. Everyone is formed by what they recognize in the other and the only way to truly love someone is to understand their paradoxes, writes the author in the literary fiction published by Maquinaria Editorial.

The reflections – and, in a way, the discomforts – with which the reader is faced emerge in the history of encounters and disagreements between the protagonist, Theo B., and a group of friends who are passionate about photography, he is Brazilian, they are of different nationalities.

The place where it all begins is The Eagle, a pub situated in one of the oldest student cities in Europe: Cambridge.

Meetings and disagreements…3

Between aphorisms and quotes about different areas of knowledge, the author of the best-selling the silence of the books reveals traits of the characters’ behavior, especially the way they deal with their personal dilemmas.

One of the great challenges of life is this paradox of Beauty and Pain: to understand all that evil without losing faith in the human, to believe in contradictory states, to love the paradox itself, which is only possible to those who can contemplate the dignity of human life – of any human life. (The island and the mirror, P. 291)

Meetings and disagreements…4

The detailed description of the hands being heated in the flame of the tiny round candle to the smell of paint exhaled by a panel of photographs reveals one of the most prominent marks in the author’s writing, passionate about books as well as photography and art history.

By the way, the graphic project has, on the cover, a painting by the artist from Curitiba, Rafael Mesquita.

The eyes that reveal themselves over the veiled face reinforce with an evident conclusion in Fausto Panicacci’s intimate narrative: to observe the human being is to reveal a paradox.



Brazilian Jamaica

Here comes “Brazilian Jamaica – A Tribute to Bob Marley”, this Saturday, at Reviver Hostel, in Praia Grande.

The event proposes a great meeting of people from Maranhão who are passionate about reggae to celebrate the life of the artist who was responsible for spreading the rhythm around the world, and, consequently, on the Island.

The attractions represent different generations of reggae in São Luís, with the presence of traditional names such as Ademar Danilo, with over 30 years of involvement with reggae music in Maranhão, and Célia Sampaio, the lady of Maranhão reggae, sharing the night with new generation of roots artists: Raiz Tribal, Cena Roots, Regiane Araújo and Núbia.

The project also promises to leave the environment fully immersed in the symbols and colors that represent the local reggae movement, from the decoration to the interactions, such as the presence of references to the radiola walls and the performance of a dance in the “gradadinho” style.

‘Gas Valley’ Program

This week, deputy Márcio Honaiser spoke about the importance of the State Government maintaining the ‘Vale Gás’ program, which, according to him, is of paramount importance for the people of Maranhão, at this time of economic crisis in Maranhão and Brazil.

The parliamentarian emphasized that the program contributes to the heating up of Maranhão’s economy and helps to ease the expenses of the poorest population, since the price of gas cylinders has increased a lot.

He filed a request asking Governor Carlos Brandão to proceed with the program, aiming to benefit more than 119,000 needy people.

price display

Starting this Saturday, fuel resellers across Brazil must display prices to two decimal places, not three. The rule is set out in the Resolution that gave a deadline until that date for the adaptation.

Prices must be displayed with two decimal places both on the panel and on the displays of the supply pumps.

However, at pumps, the ANP will allow the third digit to be kept, as long as it is “zero” and is locked at the time of supply.

In this way, the stations will not need to change the pump modules, which could incur costs for economic agents. As the third decimal place will be zeroed and locked, the ANP understands that it will not generate doubts and the objective of the rule, which is to provide clarity to consumers, will be maintained.

On the cover of the new book by Fausto Panicacci, “The eyes that reveal themselves on the hidden face reinforce with an evident conclusion in the intimate narrative: to observe the human being is to reveal a paradox”
On the cover of the new book by Fausto Panicacci, “The eyes that reveal themselves on the hidden face reinforce with an evident conclusion in the intimate narrative: to observe the human being is to reveal a paradox”

campaign coordinator

Former governor Flávio Dino introduced his campaign coordinator to the Senate. The President of the Assembly, deputy Othelino Neto, will exercise the political coordination of the pre-candidacy.

As the first substitute, Flávio Dino chose the deputy mayor of Pinheiro, Ana Paula Lobato, wife of Othelino Neto.

Ana Paula even headed the Baixada City Hall for a few days, while Mayor Luciano Genésio was removed from office.

Attitude for the Planet Program

1st year high school students at Colégio Santa Teresa received last Wednesday a certificate of participation in the Attitude for the Planet Program developed by the NGO Junior Achievement (JA Maranhão).

In all, 21 students received the certificate of the Program, whose activities ended on Wednesday.

The objective of the Program is to disseminate concepts related to sustainable development and sustainability – which are fundamental for the future of the planet – through recreational activities and actions related to the exercise of citizenship.

The students participated in classes, theoretical activities and group dynamics.

On the occasion, the students received a copy of the book Atitude Empreendedora, acquired by the school, which alludes to the 100th anniversary of Junior Achievement.

power generation

The president of Fiema, Edilson Baldez, participated, last Tuesday night, at the Loureiros Hotel, in the opening ceremony of the 13th Regional Forum on Distributed Generation with Renewable Sources in the Northeast Region.

The event was organized and promoted by ABGD – Associação Brasileira de Geração Distribuída, the official association of companies in the sector, which brings together solution providers, EPCs, integrators, distributors, manufacturers, professionals and academics, and which has direct or indirect action in common. in distributed generation from renewable energy sources.

The GD Forum aims to bring together the production chain of the Distributed Generation sector with Renewable Sources in Brazil in 2022, focusing on business opportunities, discussing regulatory barriers, legal impediments, innovative technologies, financing, training and growth prospects.


To write on stone:

“Friendship and loyalty reside in an identity of souls rarely found.” From Epicurus.


After doing a successful tour of presentations in Europe, now back, Flávia is releasing her newest work entitled Volitar, with musical production by Fernando DeepLick and Carlinhos Brown, by the Candial Music label; and which arrives this Friday on digital platforms.

The vice president of Fiema and the Deliberative Council (CDE) of Sebrae, Celso Gonçalo, participated this week, at Multicenter Negócios e Eventos, in the award ceremony for the winners of the XI edition of the Sebrae Prefeito Empreendedor Award.

The award recognized the mayors and municipal mayors who implemented projects to encourage the emergence and development of small businesses.

The winners of the 2022 edition of the Sebrae Prefeito Empreendedor Award were the mayors of the cities of São Luís, Eduardo Braide; Rosario, Calvet Filho; Matinha, Linielda Cunha; Balsas, Erik Costa e Silva; Estreito, Leo Cunha; Carolina, Erivelton Neves; and Urbano Santos, Clemilton Barros.

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