New opening hours for bars and restaurants in Ceilândia worries entrepreneurs

After the announcement of the restriction of opening hours of all establishments with the sale of alcoholic beverages, in Ceilândia, merchants and businessmen in the region are concerned about the economic impacts that the service order of the Government of the Federal District (GDF) can cause for bars and restaurants.

The new schedules were released this Tuesday (19/7) in a service order of the Regional Administration of Ceilândia published in the Official Gazette of the DF (DODF). According to the publication, the measure would be an offshoot of the Pact for Life program.

Between Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, these shops may be open until midnight. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, they will be authorized to receive customers until 2 am.

The decision, according to the Ceilândia Bar Association, took traders by surprise, as they would not have been informed about the time restriction beforehand.

“We were not notified and, also, there was no public consultation on the operation. It came with a series of specifications that, if it’s like a pandemic, it’s very difficult to fulfill all of them in bars “, claims the association’s representative, Valdemir Samuel Júnior, 30 years old.

According to the representative, the determination can bring impacts similar to those that occurred during the pandemic. “We believe that it can harm us a lot, it will certainly reduce demand, revenue. And there will likely be a wave of layoffs. Like a second pandemic,” he points out.

Also this Tuesday, the association, which has 30 members, contacted the Regional Administration of Ceilândia and was informed that the decision came from a request from the Public Ministry of the Federal District and Territories (MPDFT) to reduce crime in the region.

However, for marketers, the ad was seen as a “stalking”. Next Monday (25/7), the group will meet with the administrator of Ceilândia to discuss the restriction imposed. “During the pandemic, the persecution in Ceilândia was differentiated. They were very heavy with us in the inspection”, adds Valdemir.

According to the publication, establishments will not be able to make noise, infringing the limits determined by the Law of Silence, from 10 pm onwards. Noise pollution is also prohibited in strict or predominantly residential areas, hospitals, libraries and schools.

Establishments with live music or sound generation must receive acoustic treatment to respect legal limits. In addition, the use of speakers that direct the sound exclusively to the external environment is prohibited.

Enterprises installed in the region with opening hours that exceed the new limits established by the service order will have a period of 90 days to request a possible adaptation. In this case, they must access the system [email protected]

Other side

O metropolises contacted the Ceilândia Regional Administration, the Public Security Secretariat and the GDF about the situation. The Buriti Palace sent a note. According to the statement, the decision would follow a recommendation from the Public Ministry of the DF and Territories (MPDFT).

Read the full note:

The Regional Administration of Ceilândia clarifies that on May 20 of this year it received a letter from the Public Ministry requesting the preparation of a service order that would regulate the opening hours of establishments for every day of the week and make it public.

In order to comply with the measure, the regional administration invited representatives of local commerce, a representative of the Public Ministry of the DF and residents who motivated the complaint with the MPDFT to create a service order and it was proposed that the document also addressed the noise disturbance. , which was included based on Contran Resolution nº 958, of 5/17/2022, already in force.

The stipulated opening hours were based on Law No. 4092/2008 and adjusted as proposed in the Participatory Meeting.

According to article 9, “taxpayers who already have a License to Operate for the commercial activities discussed in this publication in which the times stipulated therein extrapolate the times described in this Service Order will have a period of 90 (ninety) days to request from the system. [email protected] their suitability.”