Newly opened café in Barra offers a tour of the wonderful world of coffee

The specialty coffees produced in two farms in Chapada Diamantina, Progresso and Aranquan, located respectively in the municipalities of Mucugê and Ibicoara, are the raw material of the recently opened Latitude 13 coffee shop, which after a period of operation in soft opening, definitively opened the doors at Rua João Pondé, nº 378, in Barra. This is the brand’s third and largest unit – the other two are located in Ceasinha do Rio Vermelho and Shopping Barra. The new cafeteria in Barra is also the most complete and the best structured for those who want to live a complete experience with the award-winning Bahian coffee.

The irresistible cassava cake accompanied by an espresso (Photo: Marina Silva)

It has a gourmet space for experimentation with baristas (young people trained by them), areas for training and training these professionals and a series of other attractions for those who appreciate the wonderful world of coffee. It also has a variety of products ranging from roasted specialty coffees to beverage-related utensils. From teapots to cups, from machines to sachets (drip coffee) through capsules compatible with some equipment available on the market. Everything is on sale.

The croissants are the coffee shop’s favorites (Photo: Marina Silva)

But the best thing about Latitude 13 is in its menu, which can be enjoyed both in the indoor area (heated and very charming) and on the pleasant balcony where you can taste the delicacies produced there, following the comings and goings of the residents of this quiet street. from the neighborhood. The house, which is open from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm, serves a variety of coffees, including flavored coffees, cappuccinos, chocolates, iced coffees (like the drowning, which is a work of art and brings together espresso, ice cream, caramel and whipped cream in the same cup) , among other delights, hot and cold.

Croissant sandwich with cheese and cherry tomatoes produced in Chapada (Photo: Marina Silva)

For those who have time and like to enjoy the various preparations, it is worth choosing one of the Café Rituals from the menu. It ranges from the simple cloth strainer, prepared on the table, to the globe, which consists of a Japanese-made glass equipment that allows the customer to appreciate the rise and fall of water and dust, until their mixing and separation. Beautiful to watch, delicious to taste. The Latitude 13 experience goes beyond the cool gadgets. It is worth mentioning the side dishes for a good coffee – at any time of the day – which are a separate chapter. What to say about the croissant served in the house that arrived on the menu after going through more than 50 experiments until it reached the point that Juli Alegro, the owner, wanted.

Drip Coffe can be an option in one of the coffee rituals and bought to make at home (Photo: Marina Silva)

And it was worth it! The best croissant in town is by far. And it’s not just a Bahian here who says. The Frenchman Mathieu Krosnovsky, who is spending a season in the city, says that he wandered around until he found one of these breads that were faithful to those of his country. “I found one here that owes nothing to those made in France. Very good!”, French word! Simple or with fillings – chocolate is already one of the house’s flagships – the croissant is also served as a sandwich base.

Iced coffee: Afogatto takes cream and caramel ice cream (Photo: Marina Silva)

What’s inside is slices of semi-cured cheese from Serra do Sincorá, cherry tomatoes, arugula and parma ham, is a sight to behold. And a detail: only parma is not yet of Bahian origin – for now – the other ingredients are all Made in Chapada, a label that the owner insists on having on her products. “We privilege our production with local ingredients, this makes a lot of difference for us”, she explains.

Several utensils for consumption or preparation of coffee are on sale in the store (Photo: Marina Silva)

And the Latitude 13’s menu is indeed a temptation. In addition to the items mentioned above, it also offers several other options. It is worth mentioning the cassava cake, tapioca and apple pie, which are crazy. During the week, the items are served separately, but on weekends, the house also offers the alternative of a breakfast combo that brings several special items and has a relatively good cost: R$ 45.00 per person.

Tray brings a combo with several products: exclusive on weekends (Photo: Marina Silva)

Coffee, milk, orange juice, traditional croissant, cheese bread, crust, slice of cake, fruit bowl, butter, honey and scrambled egg are on the well-assembled tray. Oh! What a scrambled egg! The recipe is by Enrico Allegro, the owner’s youngest son, 17 years old. It was he who created the recipe and taught the kitchen staff how to prepare it. Generous that he is, he was a bit reluctant, but ended up giving in to the recipe we share with our readers here. The space, which has 80 seats distributed in indoor and outdoor areas, is well worth a visit. Even if it is to try the croissant and the egg “a la enrico”. But I doubt you’ll just stay there!

Latitude 13 Specialty Coffees
Rua João Ponde, 378, Barra
Open from 8:30am to 8pm, Monday to Sunday

Scrambled eggs a la Enrico (Photo: Marina Silva)


Mexican Eggs A la Enrico

Ingredients: 02 eggs / 01 tablespoon of cream / Salt to taste / Half a tablespoon of butter

Way of doing: Beat the eggs with salt and then place in the hot skillet with the melted butter. Stir the eggs with the foyer in the skillet and while they are still soft, turn off the heat and add the cream and continue stirring to get very creamy. Serve hot.

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