“Now & Then” series takes a look at unfulfilled teen aspirations

This content was published on May 19, 2022 – 16:46

Monica Rubalcava

Mexico City, May 19 (EFE) .- Reviewing the life you have that you dreamed of in adolescence can bring several disappointments. With this premise begins the series “Now & Then”, in which a group of friends in their maturity will have to relive their darkest ghosts and mistakes of the past.

“A lot of this series is about who you think you’re going to be when you grow up, versus who you end up being, we wanted to have those two stories (…) and show the moments when the adults of the present could be pulled (closer) to who they were in the past”, assures this Thursday in an interview with Efe Gideon Raff, director of the project that premieres on Apple TV + on May 20.

Six close friends celebrate the end of their high school studies on a beach and fantasize about what they will be once they become professionals.

However, everything will turn black with the death of one of them that will force them to keep a secret for twenty years, until a mysterious message threatens to ruin the apparently perfect life of adults that each one leads.

“The past always comes back and that’s true. Everything you do in some way affects the future, but we shouldn’t do it so badly, we haven’t left dead on the way,” the actress reflects on the series and her own life. Spanish Maribel Verdú, who gives life to Sofía in fiction.


Gema R. Neira, creator of the series, confesses that she never imagined, not even in her wildest dreams, that they would manage to have such a diverse and important cast for the project, which also includes Manolo Cardona, Marina de Tavira, Soledad Villamil, José María Yaspik and Rosie Perez, among others.

“We have the best from each of those countries and we are happy,” says Neira about the Colombian, Mexican, Argentine, Spanish, American and even Israeli nationalities within the team.

It was the cast that made Cardona, who recently starred in the series “Who Killed Sara?” (2020) where the death of a young woman also unleashes a mystery, she will agree to be part of the project.

“What caught my attention the most was seeing who I was going to work with, I loved the script, the character, the complexity not only of my character, but of the story in general,” he confesses.

According to the creator Ramón Campos, this diversity of accents and even languages, being a bilingual series, was something intentional that inspired the beginning of the project.

“Every time we traveled to Miami we realized that our relationship was with Colombians, Argentines, Mexicans, Spaniards, Americans and that this multiculturalism was not reflected anywhere, we really wanted to do a series in which all Latinos, that we speak the same language, now we would understand each other,” says Campos.

For Yaspik, this situation is above all “a necessity” for the industry and the platforms: “merging it was a logical step,” he says.


If Marina de Tavira made playing Ana, an exemplary mother who supports the candidacy for the presidency of her husband Pedro (Yaspik), a Mexican migrant, enjoyable, it was being able to play with the two lives that all the characters lead when trying to hide their deepest secrets.

“(All the characters) have something extraordinary, tremendous happening to them, but at the same time they have to make breakfast and that makes it fun to act,” confesses the Oscar nominee in 2019.

But that itself represented the great acting challenge in history according to Soledad Villamil.

“You had to reveal aspects of the character very step by step to work on the mystery, it was like implying that there is an internal volcano that is constantly about to explode without actually erupting (the challenge was) to control that issue not only on a narrative level, but emotionally,” he says.

The series also deals with issues such as migration, bullying, drugs, the pandemic, with which the creators sought to give the story a social perspective with their own concerns and depending on the success of the first season, it could have a second part. EFE



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