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There are some types of food that, when the heat comes, we start to deny, such as ramen and oatmeal. Because they are served hot, they are not so appetizing, but this is not the case with Papa O’clock’s savory and sweet porridge. They are served at room temperature so that they are suitable for any time of the year and, in the opposite direction, it is the ingredients that make them that are suitable for the season. For June they were adapted to the heat and also to a celebration: the two years of existence of Pope O’clock.

To celebrate the date, several changes were made, both to the image — now lighter, replacing the black background of the logo with a soft pink — and to the offer.

“There were some changes to the porridges. There were 14, we reduced it to seven and changed the ingredients of some. For example, sunrise, one of the best sellers, had peach during the summer and raspberries in the winter. And there were customers who instead of peach or raspberries asked for mango, so we thought it would make sense to put mango all year round”, says Luís Relógio, founder of the Papa O’clock brand and flight attendant at the same time, to MAGG.

Luís Relógio

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In the remaining porridges, some ingredients were changed, such as the exchange of dried tomatoes for cherry tomatoes in the salted dawn porridge, but in all of them there was a change: the size.

There is no longer a smaller and a larger format, there is only one generous serving to eat in slow spoonfuls at any time of the day. at home, through home delivery services, at Balthazar Lisboa, which includes two Papa O’clock porridges in the menu, and at Delikaffe, the main space where all the porridges are served and where changes are also felt.

“We had the menu separately and we realized that sometimes people would go through the Delikaffe menu, choose things and only then would they see Papa O’clock’s menu. So we put the two together and in the new Delikaffe menu they go there the porridges are interspersed”, says Luís.

In short, you will then find two savory porridges — dawn (pesto, cherry tomato, mozzarella and arugula) and noon (mushrooms, spinach, parmesan and poached egg) and five sweet porridges — sunrise, afeternoon (banana, blueberry, dark chocolate and peanut butter), the night (apple, granola, chia, dark chocolate and salted caramel), the sunshine (Greek yogurt, raspberry, blueberry and lime zest), and the moonlight (chia, pecan , strawberry and caramelized banana).

Five Sweet Papa O’Clock Porridges

Five Sweet Papa O’Clock Porridges

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There is also a sixth limited-edition sweet porridge, which results from a partnership with Débora Neves, a former competitor of TVI’s “Big Brother 2021” and “Big Brother — Desafio Final”.

Devora by Debbie porridge served in a fluffy bowl

Daddy Debbie

Daddy Debbie

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Another of the great novelties of Papa O’clock’s birthday is the porridge made in partnership with former “Big Brother” contestant, Débora Neves. Luís tells how the idea came about.

“She was already a fan of the papas before going to ‘Big Brother,'” says the founder of Papa O’clock. “She contacted me, because she already ate the porridge before going there, and as she has now launched the bowls brand, she thought it made sense and so let’s join forces.”

In April, Débora Neves created the brand of Devora by Debbie bowls, handmade, in faience with non-toxic glaze, modeled and glazed one by one. They have been serving for breakfast for fans of the former competitor and will now support the new limited edition porridge, from June 15th to September 15th, when served at Delikaffe.

The porridge is called Debbie and it is composed of banana, strawberry, cashew, cranberries, chia and honey, in a base of oats, vegetable drink, dates and beetroot, which gives it a pink color “and not great flavor [a beterraba]”, underlines Luís for those who are already fearing the “earth” flavor so associated with this vegetable.

Papa Debbie was designed along the lines of Deborah’s tastes and the essence of Papa O’clock. “I asked her what her favorite ingredients were and then I also tried to create a very girly porridge, like Débora, hence the pink base. And the bowl is like this white with little pink hearts. Débora liked and what made sense in terms of the combination”, says Luís Relógio about the new pope.

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